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Sandy-hook shootings: Documents direct to Sandy Hook-shooter Adam Lanza's miserable spirit

HARTFORD, Conn. – Documents from the investigation into the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut shed light on the gunman's anger, scorn for other people, and deep social isolation in the years leading up to the shooting.

The documents consisting of justice of the Connecticut State Police to request various writings by Adam Lanza, on December 14, 2012, raised 20 children and six educators. He killed his mother for driving to & # 39; the school and eventually kill themselves.

Lanza wrote in an online communication with another gamer: "I have nothing else to straighten out as men for humanity," said Hartford Courant. "I'm representative to have anything positive for someone for my whole life," he wrote.

The criminal investigation endorsed a year after the massacre without a motive. Thousands of documents were released at the time, but in a court practice by the Courant, in & nbsp; the United Kingdom, the personal belongings of # 39; a shooter was hired, including magazines, were also publicized to notify them from open-source laws.

A report from Connecticut Connecticut Lanza's heavy and diminishing mental problems, his involvement with violence and access to his mother's weapon "a recipe for mass murder".

Second Report About Sandy Hook Shootings Released

This handmade special document is provided by the Connecticut State Police, documents included in Adam Lanza's home after December 14, 2012 hit Sandy Hook Elementary School.

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From the 10th grade, Lanza is home to his mother, where he was promoted by an arsenal of firearms and gave long hours of great video games. His medical and school related links to diagnostics of autism spectrum stability, severity and obsessive compulsion.

"One thing is clear when the extra options are investigated," says the Courant. Adam Lanza, from # 3 to 18 years old, was never released from # 39; The radar of people who ran around him – his parents, teachers and counselors in the schools he tried to find the psychiatrist later what he was Beware that no single person has the complete picture of what he was. "

The Courant also provided that Lanza "provided that he would make a good father," he said he would treat children or independent small people who did not know much yet. "

The newly published documents were administered by authorities in a search of lanza's house. They contain writings that have been described or earlier research reports such as the Big Book Of Granny, a book that describes violence against children he wrote with another boy in a fifth grade, and a special list of mass lakes from 1786.

In one handwritten list titled "Problems," Lanza features a variety of lights, such as lights that are light and are used here by his brother.

"I'm not in a position to distinguish between my problems, I have too much," Lanza wrote.

In other writings he finds doctors against fiscal people & # 39; Doctors adjust to physiotherapy as children and write about pedophilia as a form of love.

In the document he described his men for other people, he also gave a desire for what form of association.

"Most of my social contact was by these players," he wrote to the other gamer. "All of them are characteristic of great humanity, and it brought an aura of unnecessary negative emotions to me, you were a relation of that."

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