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Russell Wilson sees as a response to & # 39; s future e future about Ciara

Russell Wilson

Responding to Future's Diss

… Here is & # 39; All that mate & # 39;

1/19/2015 4:29 PM PST

Russell Wilson appears to respond Future He calls a waking man by taking the highway … or an empty clock, depending on how you're seeing it.

The Seahawks quarterback recorded a photo that on Saturday morning a direct response to an interview would Future on Friday, where & # 39; t he said Russ "not a man"by making it Ciara to talk to her ex-hubby about social media and in public.

There are several different ways of interpreting Russ's post – but impolite, it would be a lot to not call it a hit again. The pic can be seen Future Jr. – who's the biological son of & # 39; e future – numbering nose with his midwife, Sienna – who is Ciara and Russell's biological daughter.

Russ wrote the post, "Everything says #Love."

While you can plead for that, an integrity to RW is moving, you can also say that he is strategically using Future's own meat and blood against his dolls in a small bird … that's best to bring. Both arguments would be valid on the face of it.

If you know … Ciara and Future are in the middle of a running guard, there is no Ciara wool a mediator to make an impression so that a travel trip for Future Jr can be invented. She is judged in law-guards that the Future is according to broken certain visits and hands of the child to family members instead of personal time with him.

For the record, Ciara did not say anything about social media … she did it in public documents.

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