Friday , April 23 2021

Republicans: Cohen lawyer says important topics are off-limits for congressional hearing

The Republic of Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows, senior Republicans on the House Supply Committee, sent a letter to Cohen's lawyer Guy Petrillo discussing her conversation with another Cohen attorney, Lanny Davis.

In the letter, Jordan and Meadows write that Davis said that Cohen's testimony would probably be "fear" and "frustrate" because of the topics that would be without limits.

"According to Davis, Cohen's only goal is to take Cohen's commission to share his personal anecdotes about his time working for the private-born Donald J. Trump, and his experiences with Mr. Trump became chairman, "Jordan and Meadows wrote. "Presented on how & # 39; Cohen's testimony is legally related to the role of" committees in the viewing of functioning, efficiency and efficiency of the federal government, "Davis said. # 39; has anecdotes over his time with the president & # 39; has.

As a response to the letter, Davis said: "I have offered the minority language to show a spirit of bipartisanship, encouraged by the president of my president. I gave Mr. Cohen to Mr. Cohen to talk to Ranking Members Rep. Jim Jordan from the same family and the same spirit of bipartisanship, and we have not heard again …. Besides, I will not measure Mr. Jordan's unceasing attack as my motives . "

Currently in & # 39; the president of & # 39; A president Elijah Cummings earlier announced this month that Cohen was facing before the committee became February 7. Cummings said after the ears became known that Cohen "had a chance to tell his side of the story" The verdict would not examine any special advice Robert Mueller's research.

"We will make sure we absolutely do nothing to deal with Mueller's research," Cummings said.

Michael Cohen will still contradict the testimony against Congress for his family

But Jordan, the top rep at & # 39; the commission, has accused Cummings of the panel "as a place for political theater". Add the letter from & # 39; a Tuesday to & # 39; Criticism such as Jordan and Meadows on the decision raised to judge Cohen, pointing to his false testimony of the congress and the fact that he collaborated with Mueller's research.

Jordan and Meadows wrote that Davis did not intend to show Cohen to any other committees – although both House and Senate Intelligence Committees also want to speak to him – and Davis was aware of the place where Cohen appeared, though Cohen was first hesitant.

"I sent him to do that," Davis said, according to the reputable lawmakers.

The Republican letter was written to Petrillo, a former federal explorer, who brought Cohen in June to earn him criminal crimes. At the same time, Cohen Davis, a democratic and long-time defender of Clinton's, took over as a faithful covenant. Davis & # 39; job was for Cohen for TV and in & # 39; petition media, while Petrillo was treated as a presence only in tribunals.

Petrillo told CNN, "I'm telling Michael Cohen in the congressional events, but I handed the letter to him." He said he said the republic the same.

In December, Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison in the prison and was arrested to begin his sentence on March 6.

Alongside Cohen's false witness of Congress and its campaign financial criminals – there guidelines say that Trump has direct Cohen to grant illegal payments to two women who are cases – Davis told The Republic that Cohen is unable to talk about the financial crimes speaks to him being guilty of last year. Wadden and Jordan told Davis that Cohen has no problems with the report of the New York State Attorney General, the US Attorney for the New York District and the Special Counsel.

Cohen's false witness of Congress, there he is about how long the discussion about a Trump Tower Moscow project expanded into & # 39; A campaign from 2016, received more attention last week, after a report by BuzzFeed struck that Trump was directly Cohen, although the special council contained a rare statement that the story was "not enough".

The Republic wrote that Cohen's testimony would appear to be "described what he and you are pleasing to him," but they wanted to push him if he did not answer questions on various topics.

"Our members want to ask Cohen together what the question they are fit for," wrote the GOP lawmakers.

Because Cohen is proclaimed his witness, Trump has attacked his former lawyer, suggests in a Fox News interview, without proof of any malicious information about Cohen's family. CNN reports last week that Cohen is on track to testify, but has ensured that a public hearing is taking care of his family.

Cummings responded with a statement, which says "was unacceptable to everyone – including the President – trying to bully or intimidate our witnesses, to try not to judge them, to try to get their family members disgrace or threaten, or try to cope with Congress & # 39; search for truth. "

This story was updated on Tuesday morning with extra developments.

CNN's Kara Scannell contributed to this report.

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