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The Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Operator is, for the first time, removing the shoe from a cooler pool on one of three reactors in the & # 39; s disaster. In 2011, a milestone in a decadent process to destroy the plant.

Tokyo Electric Power Co. says Monday workers began to notice that the first of 566 capabilities were stored in a swimming pool at Unit 3. The fuel in the swimming pool was not tampered with and their safer grounding is of crucifixion to resume other size three.

TEPCO says that the removal of Unit 3 would take two years, followed by two other reactors.

The step is ahead of the real challenge of removing melted fuel from within the reactors, but details are largely unknown.


Apr 14, 2019 / 12:40 o'clock | Story:

Fall hero, soup star, and now a Masters champion again.

Tiger Woods rolls to win the Masters for the fifth time on Sunday, a comeback that goes beyond the definition of two links, which he has lost before a whole audience was that memo in & # 39; expected reality in Augusta National.

Wooden was about 11 years old when he was his last big win, 14 years old when this green jacket was over his sunday red shirt. He made it wait, closed with a 2-under 70 for a simple victory and setting up a sense of pink emotion.

He fired at 10-year-old Charlie, born a year after Woods won his 14th head in Torrey Pines in the 2008 U. Open. He strengthened his mother and then his 11-year-old daughter Sam, and everyone in his camp who was through a public divorce, a nasty DUI arresting company of a panic squad and four repairs, last just two years just to fuse its army.

"WOOOOOOO !!!" Woods was crying out for the score room with "Tiger! Tiger! Tiger" singing as sound as one of & # 39; s stirring at & # 39; e after nine at Augusta National.

"It's overwhelmed, just because of what's out there," said Woods in Butler Cabin. "Last year I was happy to play, when & # 39; if I was something in the past, I really didn't have to play this great tournament for a few years … now the champion is … 22 years between profit is a long time It is not enough to experience this. "

Wooden is losing its easy image for a sex scandal, one of the hottest and most awesome sticks in sport.

He lost four health backs to the surgeon, who couldn't let him out of the bed, much less a club, and he went out without a major game for two years. It was two years ago at the Masters when the Woods said he needed a nerve block to go to the Champions Dinner. During that time he considered his career.

Now the comeback is truly perfect.

He extended his arms to his father for winning his first green coat in 1997, changing the world of golf.

"Now I am the father with two children there," he said.

He wanted to see his kids see him winning, once said they only see him as a YouTube legend. They were at the British Open when he was given the lead in short time. They could not make East Lake last September, when he won the Round Championship for his first victory in five years.

"I didn't want them to take care of them twice," he said. "To show them how & # 39; it's her father's having a great championship, I hope it's something they never forget."

Wooden win his 15th-head, three short of the standard set of Jack Nicklaus. It was his 81st victory on the PGA Tour, one title away from the career record by Sam Snead.

"A great" well done "from me to Tiger," Nicklaus tweetge. "I'm so special to him and to the golf game. This is just fantastic !!!"

It was the first time that & # 39; t Woods was an important then resident in the final round, and he needed help from Francesco Molinari, the 54-room leader you & # 39; There were two more shots in the heart of Amen Corner.

And that was already released at Augusta.

Molinari's tee made on the par-3 12th century nineteenth had no chance, hit the couch and rumbled in Rae's Creek for double bogey. Until morning, Molinari never had a round, that started in threesomes before storms started.

And then it seemed almost practically everyone had a chance.

Six players had a share from & # 39; lead a few points to & # 39; a back. With the definitive group still in the 15th century, there was a five-foot ride for the lead. And that's when & # 39; it got wooden control, again with enough help.

Molinaari's third shot got a tree and dried in the water to another double bogey. Wooden hit the green, a set of two-stroke birds for his first lead of the last round.

The clock start was a tea in the 16th century which rides the height through the cup and settled 2 meters away for birds and a two-pin lead with two tracks to play.

Xander Schauffele failed the par-5 January for birds and abuses for the & # 39; rest of & # 39; a way for a 68. Dustin Johnson made three straight birds in a bypass, but he came too late and had to go 68 for a return to number one in the world.

Brooks Koepka, one of four players from the last two groups that & # 39; t in & # 39; water on No. 12 rowed with an eagle at & # 39; e 13th, throw another eagle at 15th and was the last player with a chance. His birdie puts on the 18th century just outside 10 meters had never had a chance, and he had to make a 70th decision.

"You want to play the best game ever to play," Koepka said. "You want to join in together." I can say that I gave it all, he is just fine, man. "

Wood lost at 13 under 275 and became 43 at 43, the oldest Masters champion since Nicklaus's 46th green coat at 46 in 1986. That year, as Augusta's final moment was.

This was one care for the least rival.

"This is certain, probably one of the biggest comebacks that I've ever seen," said Koepka, before Forest & # 39; total PGA journey victories and 15 times wounded.

Is it Nicklaus found in & play?

"I think that a very large part is closer than people think," said Koepka.

Koepka and Molinari were both against Tigermania in the lunar years and kept their own, Molinari at Carnoustie to be able to open the British, cupcake in & # 39; a summer day at Bellerive to win the PGA Championship.

Molinari walked 49 straight holes without bouncing, a strike ending in # 7th hole. It was the double bogeys that cost him, and the Italian was as gracious as ever in the day.

"I think I've made some new fans today with those double bogeys," he said.

Apr 14, 2019 / 6:36 o'clock | Story:

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were temporarily on & # 39; s Sunday.

All three social platforms, including Facebook messenger, were validated by the output., a site that controls the site, shows that Facebook has been around & # 39; e world, with thousands of reports that are not concentrated in & # 39; the most northerly of & # 39; the United States, Europe and the Philippines.

It appears to most users at rebuilding and running through 9 am EST.

An email that was requested to comment on what caused the change to Facebook.

#FacebookDown, #instagramdown and #whatsappdown were all on Twitter globally.

Facebook gets Instagram in 2012 and WhatsApp in 2014.

There are over 1.52 billion daily active Facebook users, according to the website of social media networks.


Apr 13, 2019 / 9:04 o'clock | Story:

A very Swedish program, a strange, hefty supporter of WikiLeaks, was arrested in Ecuador in a particular plot to earn the president of one of his country's education from Julian Assange.

But Ola Bini's friends say that the sophisticated encryption force is inappropriately focused on his activism on behalf of digital privacy.

On Saturday, lawyers would say they intended to earn Bini for hacking convictions and had confirmed it for up to 90 days, while having evidence.

The 36-year-old was arrested on Thursday at the airport in Quito's Ecuador's capital he was planning to fly to Japan. The verdict came just hours after the release of Assange from the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Bini was at least 30 electronic storage devices.

His lawyers saw that they were not listed whether they were admitted. The authorities called it the plot with two independent Russian hackers who live in Ecuador, endangered threat to ask compromising documents on principle Lenin Moreno, as he reinforces his position against the basis of WikiLeaks.

"It is up to the administration to decide if he has committed a crime," Foreign Minister Maria Paula Romo said on Friday. "But we cannot get Ecuador a center for piracy and specialty. This period in our history is over."

Romo traveled at least 12 times to Bini to visit Assange at the London embassy. She said he was also a close assistant to Moreno's ex-mentor turned birds, Rafael Correa, in Venice earlier this year. The former president granted Assange asylum in 2012 and made a campaign that, because of WikiLeaks, welcomed Moreno's exposure to continuous corruption that included the release of harmful personal documents and photographs including several & # 39 ; show him lobster in bed.

Although the extent of Bini's relationship with Assange is not certain, the Sweden has set up the free rights of WikiLeaks in an online blog that it holds over the years.

"Anyone who has been called for Assange to be treated as a terrorist or enemy combatant should be seriously considering stepping down from office", he wrote in December 2010.

In the same blog, Bini Amazon changed the beating of WikiLeaks from its hosting services and credit card companies and PayPal to refuse to process payments to the secret site. He also described work on a panel of January 2011 on WikiLeaks which he put through his then-employer, global software company Thoughtworks, and known among others Daniel Ellsberg of Pentagon Papers.

An expert on secure communication, Bini arrived in Quito in 2013, when he was transferred from Chicago to the Ecuadorian office of Thoughtworks, which has led some principles to stress social activism. At the same time, he began to focus his online habits and at one point gave his Gmail account the benefit of independent email.

"I am not a great fan of having all my electronic life under the arms of our United States legislation, especially in light of recent manifestations," he wrote in a 2013 post.

Friends and lovers described Bini as computer check that they felt most when learning complex programming problems for a few days. In the time of his arrest, he traveled to Japan, his former wife Malin Sandell told The Associated Press, for two weeks of jujitsu training – one of & # 39; a couple of hobbies & # 39; s you & # 39; t be outside of his recent work as a code developer.

His Ecuadorian girlfriend said she did not mention to Bini that aspiring support for Assange, despite the fact that the founder of WikiLeaks has profound ties in Sweden and had been a constant subject of conversation in the small Ecuadorian programming.

"Ola is not an attacker, but because you mean a crime, but he is one who tries to understand how computers work and protects personality from people," Sofia Ramos said in an interview from Brussels.

Ramos worked with Bini on a project at the Center for Digital Autonomy to create a safer instant messaging encryption protocol. In its explanatory statement, the center that ComputerWorld has ruled in 2010 has developed as Sweden's No. 6.

The center is a small non-profit company present in Ecuador and Spain for website, private, secure and anonymous communication. The website says that it contributes to well-known projects, such as Enigmail and the privacy browser.

In the hour before going to the airport Thursday, Bini sent a tweet warning of a "witch hunt" by Ecuadorian authorities to Assange's rendering exit & # 39; an embassy. Now his friends are saying that prophecy appeared.

"I didn't know it is a crime," said Vijay Prashad, who runs a Marxist publication in India and last time Bini saw a few months ago in Sao Paulo, Brazil. "He's the last person to be anyone else in an attempt to send a government."

Apr 13, 2019 / 8:53 o'clock | Story:

The end of & # 39; one end of & # 39; an immigration dealt with Malta on Saturday announced a deal to earn 64 migrants at & # 39; a sea of ​​Libya removed 10 days ago under four national union.

The government of Malta told the migrants, who were split among Germany, France, Portugal and Luxembourg, were transferred to Maltese army boats at sea and would later be brought to the harbor night.

Malta, however, has said that the German flag, with their help, Alan Kurdi, is still not available to take in their ports and none of the migrants will remain in Malta.

"In the past, the smallest member of a European Union was put under unexpected pressure to ask to resolve a case that was not their responsibility or their reference," the government said. "A solution has been found in a rule not to reduce the situation, while making it clear that Malta cannot be last burdened by this load."

Malta argues that they cannot open ports on humanitarian rescue ships, for their activities from & # 39; law lessons Libya stimulated human traders.

The German Sea-Eye Relief Service, which had the 64 migrants at its disposal, had "day-to-day development" complaints at & # 39; A Alan Kurdi, who was not designed to treat so many people. Two migrants were evacuated by health problems.

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, who has increasingly dismissed more people to haul the ship into Italian ports.

"Good news!" He tweeted to "the deal was known." He praised Malta for doing the right thing & # 39; by earning the dangerous and impatient pressure of & nbsp; NGO & # 39; s. "

Salvini, leader of & # 39; another row party of & # 39; a Italy, agrees to a hard line approach to migration, stiffening that Italian ports should be closed to migrants who are granted rights through help in the Mediterranean in a bid to enter other states.

The 64 flies were originally from a Libyan coast, making Italy and Malta call Libyan life. Libyrens have been fighting Libya's parts to diminish in & # 39; last week in a group's military campaign to take the capital.

A total of 356 people have died or disappeared, while the Mediterranean Pan remains in this era, according to the International Organization for Migration.

Apr 13, 2019 / 7:15 o'clock | Story:

More than 70 British lawmakers have urged the government to ensure that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is for Swedish justice, if the legal entities reopen a reminder against him.

Legislators have drawn a later letter from "The Health Secretary Sajid Javid" to "do everything possible to campaign that it causes Julian Assange to be postponed to Sweden when Sweden requests a shortcut."

Sweden has kept its investigation into possible serious criminality against Assange two years ago because it was beyond its reach, while in the Ecuadorian embassy in London lived political asylum status.

He was arrested on Thursday when he became Ecuador's asylum. Assange is now in Belmarsh Prison in south-east London, waiting to be pampered for Britain's jump farmer and an expedition report of United States to adjust taxes to break into a Pentagon's computer.

WikiLeaks says he will fight off and has been its just meeting to plan its defense.

If Britain gets competing discharge questions, say lawyers, the Home Secretary would have a few tracks in deciding which & # 39; has priority. Forgiveness lets you determine whether the request came first and where perhaps "maybe" crime.

Most of the lawmakers who drew the letter are from PvdA's opposition, of which Brittany Corbyn's Jeremy Corbyn refuses to send Assange to Assange after the US arrest. Corbyn praised him for lighting & # 39; A United States condemnation in Iraq and Afghanistan left WikiLeaks released tens of thousands of trusted US documents in 2010.

Some conservative members also support the movement. Well-known legislation Alistair Burt, a former Foreign Affairs Minister, said that "minimizing the problems related to sexual deception are really tight."

He said that the testimony of women who are involved makes it "essential" that Assange makes it right, know, or change.

British politicians are free to ask the government for a certain way of action, but it is up to the courts to decide whether the US request of the broadcast of Assange – and a possible future request from Sweden – to be honored.

The Secretary of State, a senior cabinet officer, has a few points to propose under certain special circumstances, including matters out there that may be a broadcast, may have a power or torture in that country.

Assange, 47, has denied the sexually ignorant statement, what he is clinging to is politically motivated. He has no chance of responding to an American cargo response, but has shown that all his actions are WikiLeaks of a legitimate journalist.

If he had taken the residence in 2012 in the Ecuadorian embassy, ​​it was to come to terms with the problems of & # 39; He also looked for suspicion that Sweden would ultimately carry him out to the Union.

Swedish jurists opened a research into Assange when two women accused themselves of sexual offenses in a 2010 visit to Sweden.

Some of the sexually abusive accusations are no longer alive because their time is running. But Swedish jurists have said that a recall case will be reactivated before the conditions of restrictions therefor end in August 2020.

After Assange's arrest, the Swedish lawyer Eva-Marie Persson was taken to ask for a request from a lawyer for one of one of the accusers to find out if the case can be prosecuted.

Elisabeth Massi Fritz, the lawyer for the woman who reportedly asserted by Assange, told The Associated Press that she was "doing everything" that the Swedish case was included, so that Assange was also postponed and persecuted to Sweden.

The exhibition process is not fast, and Assange was able to try several times as decisions made against him. It is expected to take a year or more to send it to the United States, or possibly to Sweden, if it eventually loses in a court.

Apr 13, 2019 / 7:12 o'clock | Story:

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said he was open to a third summit with President Donald Trump, but ended the announcement to Washington to make different terms for a deal to earn the high practice core diplomat, reasoned media said saturday.

Kim made the comments on a Friday Friday session of North Korea's rubber stamped parliament, which made a series of personal changes that added his diplomatic training to & # 39 ; United States removal negotiations. His speech came to Trump after hours and sought to vote for South Korean President Moon Jae in Washington and agree on the importance of nuclear players with North Korea.

"We are, of course, interested in solving problems through dialogue and negotiation, but the US style of unilateral style does not affect our remarks, and we have no interest in them," Kim said in a reason. .

According to the Korean Central News Agency, or KCNA, Kim seduced the treaty with Trump in February on what he described as unilateral demands by the United States, where he asked questions about Washington has a real desire to improve relationships. But Kim said his personal relationship with Trump remained good and that they could change letters to "any time".

Trump responded to 's remarks by saying he agreed with Kim about their relationship and also a wish for another.

"I would suggest to Kim Jong Un of North Korea that our personal relationship stays very good, maybe the term would be extra, and that a third summary would be good enough to fully understand where we are", " Trump on Twitter.

"North Korea has a tremendous potential for … extra-growth, economic success and wealth led by President Kim, I ask the day, that can be shortened if Nuclear Weapons and Saxons can be eliminated and North – Reviewing Korea is one of the most successful countries in the world! "He tweeted.

In his speech, Kim has previously commented that North Korea's abusive economy would maintain its nuclear weapons program through higher international sanctions and that "it would not be tempted by the United States' thirst for sanctions."

The United States states that the gypsum in Vietnam has disappeared due to the northern demands of Northern Hemisphere issues in & # 39; a return trip for limited measures. In June, the first summit in Singapore, Trump and Kim gave a fierce statement calling for a core Korean peninsula without describing how to "how to". it would be prevented.

Kim said the United States dared to withdraw what the North finds as "hostile policy", while at & # 39; wrong judgment, that we failed the maximum pressure & # 39 ;. He said the North would not compromise on "fundamental interests of our country and people, even by a bacon", and the United States to come to Hanoi with "completely unrealistic plans".

"If the United States is tackling us with the right way and offers to find a third North American state at a state of" & # 39; the solution we can accept, then we have a joy to give another problem "added Kim. "We will wait with patience until the end of the United States comes with a brave decision. But it will be clear for a good chance as to last time to come."

Kim has also made a nationalist call for South Korea to support North's positions more strongly and say to Seoul to act as an "impending mediator" between Washington and Pyongyang. Kim has held three championships with Moon over the past year, making it hard to see the core issues between the United States and North Korea. After the disappearance of the Trump-Kim summit, the North has invoked the South to break Washington and continue with inter-economic economic projects on & # 39; Today, US-led sanctions against the North have reacted.

"The South would not do as a stunting mediator & # 39; or in & # 39; facilitator & # 39; and should justify its feelings as a member of (Korean) national and enjoyment of interest from "" a nation, "Kim said.

In spite of Kim's comments, South Korea's presidency has said that Seoul is re-launching the spirit of dialogue and help reconciliation between Washington and Pyongyang.

On Friday, KCNA stated that Kim became president of & # 39; State Affairs Commission, the most important decision of & # 39; a national organization, in & # 39; session a Supreme People's Assembly, it was praised for its "exceptional ideological and theoretical wisdom and heirloom and savage leadership".

The experts say that the new arrays may be a sign of Kim's wishes to keep the latest months of call diplomacy new, but not go back to threats and weapons tests that characterize were from 2017, when it did much honor on the Korean Peninsula.

However, the lack of subsidy processing from the North and the floor of & # 39; An impasse in nuclear regulations has relied on how Kim could ever voluntarily seduce an arsenal can see him as his strongest guarantee of survival.

Some experts say it is becoming clearer that the North has broadened the United States meetings in a bilateral arms settlement between two nuclear states, rather than a unilateral process of surviving its arsenal.

Kim has made several explanations for the "complete resignation of a peninsula in his meetings with Trump and Moon. But North Korea has decades of consequence of declining," "not comparing it Carrying Pyongyang's core development to the United States, its troops and nuclear defense to South Korea and Japan.

Apr 13, 2019 / 7:11 o'clock | Story:

A top dog Democrat is addressing its access to the president of President Donald Trump, telling the IRS that the law clearly has Congress a right for them.

The replies by reputable Richard Neal, the chairman of House Ways and Means, come to the administration's request to ask more time for his first request last week.

The Massachusetts Democratic says a role of the 1920s, where the IRS "deferred" every tax of & # 39; a congress requested to ask and record a customer's case is not a complicated case & # 39; and that the objections of the lock do not lack any merit.

Neal represents the Commissioner of Commissioner Charles Rettig, a Trump, that he has two weeks to respond.

If Right does not respond, Neal calls it as filed as the request of "request," which could not succeed in court.

Apr 12, 2019 / 8:20 o'clock | Story:

A Phoenix man has been arrested for killing his wife, two of his young daughters, and a man who had been romantically involved with his wife's alleged thought, police said Friday.

Austin Smith was broken down by four counties of first-murder, two attempts of & # 39; a first-murder murder and three judgments of spoiled attack, Sgt. Tommy Thompson said.

Bail was set at $ 2 million, showing legal rules. A maricopa County Superior Court sends Smith to & # 39; a local official defender. But no specific lawyer had requested him from Friday night.

Smith was arrested on Thursday morning when he fled from an apartment complex where officers responded to a visit. There they found the body of 46-year-old Ron Freeman. A woman and another man were honored and wounded at the complex, Thompson said.

Officers who went to Smith's home later, Thursday night found his wife, 29-year-old Dasia Patterson, and her 5-year-old daughter, Nasha Smith, died of pistol wounds. Their 7-year-old daughter, Mayan Smith, died of apparent trauma, and the 3-year-old daughter of a few was discovered under a bed in & # 39; a home from a family.

"It's my understanding that he doesn't advise anyone to beat them," Thompson said.

The accused told detectives in an interview he believed "in God's eyes, it was his right to deal with such things as were handled in weapons of war or an extraordinary affair," Thompson said.

He described the scene in an apartment complex as chaotic, with fireworks treated victims, while the authorities did not first know where it was.

Officers searching for his car with a search, found a 9mm handguard, a .45 caliber handheld, and a calibrator of .223, they believe in "the cuts," probable reason you & # 39; t in & # 39; a case was placed.


Associated Press writer Paul Davenport has contributed to this report.

12 Apr 2019 / 11:51 o'clock | Story:

An actor and spokesman for the resort hotel website has been set up in Texas on a crime rider who doesn & # 39; t run in a retrieved charge.

Court records see 52-year-old Timothy Williams arrested on Wednesday afternoon at Houston and released $ 100 bonding.

Houston police officer spokesperson Jodi Silva said Friday that Williams was stopping in traffic and was braking to his feet. Silva says Williams, who's from Houston, tests and decides to shoot blood for alcohol treatment. Results were not immediately available.

In Trivago-ferklearring freget fjirde dat it bedriuw net folslein details hat oer de situaasje, mar behannelet sokke ynfallen tige serieus en ferwreidet drank en driget as risiko foar oaren en tsjin de Trivago-kultuer.

Court records hawwe gjin advokaatlist fan Williams fertsjintwurdige.

12 apr 2019 / 11:20 oere | Story:

Oklahoma's nije Republikeinske Gov. Kevin Stitt nimt in skot op 'e Amerikaanske Ninja Warrior-kursus bûten it state capitol yn Oklahoma City.

Organisators fan 'e reality televyzje sjen litte dat karakteristike hege-atleten rydt troch fergriemende obstakels sizze dat de 47-jier âld ex-CEO de earste steedhâlder is om de kursus in besykjen te jaan.

Stitt bloedde syn elbow oan, wêrtroch in seil swing nei in lâningpunt nei it springen oer in swimbad fan wetter. In wurdfierder seit dat hy twa fan 'e trije obstakels dien hat.

It filmjen fan 'e show sil fjirde en sneontemiddei fierder foar it seizoen fan' e NBC programma 's fan' e 11e searje. Oare stopjes yn dit seizoen binne Los Angeles, Atlanta, Baltimore, Cincinnati en Seattle.

De foarstelling is kwalifisearre foar in Oklahoma programma dy't in kredytreduksje fan 35% biedt foar kwalifikaasje fan produksjekosten.

12 apr 2019 / 11:10 oere | Story:

In famke fan Vermont is net bliid dat har ûntspannende pet-hynder waard op "Saturday Night Live" pleatst.

De hûd, neamd Granite Heart, learet te kuierjen mei in oanpast rolstoel.

Op in resinte SNL-ôflevering sei de televyzjeroman's "Weekend Update" mei-host dat se "just de oune ite moatte".

Ten-jier-âlde Alora Wood fan Underhill, Vermont, fertelt NECN-TV dat se witte dat it segmint betsjutte is in grap, mar seit wat as it in hûn wie.

The chicken was born with a deformed foot.

The girl says: "Any creature, no matter how big, no matter how small, they deserve to have a perfect life."

The custom wheelchair came from a company in Amherst, New Hampshire, that makes pet wheelchairs.

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