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NFL playoffs Figure 2019: The Saints are firmly positioned as the NFL's best team,


Saints' family loss to Berkshire – 48-40 Tampa Bay win per year – feels like it happened 4 million years ago. Anyway, along with Sean Payton and Drew Brees, the Saints were not good at starting the season. For several years it has been extended beyond the first two weeks, but in the last two years the Saints begin right clicking in the fourth week and only have the nucleus.

It's happening now and Payton's latest game, Payton's Destroy the World Tour, has arrived in Cincinnati, where the Saints go from a game that clearly shows the gap between a very good team and a pretty good team in the NFL to the burning Bengals . It is a chain reaction.

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New Orleans looked at an impossible game and had three tours in four weeks. Home games against Baltimore, Minnesota and Cincy, A ram sandwiched between the Vikings and Bengal.

In this game, the Saints were 4-0 with an average of 38 points. During the last five games Brees had 13 touchdowns and 30 finishes. Please read it again. 30 incomplete.

This believer convinced last year that others could get caught up in fear and make another Super Bowl. The defensive is starting to press a modest offense and cause a lot turnover at the minimum spot amount.

Los Angeles won again on Sunday and took first place in the NFC.

But Saints are the best team in football. Their only loss is that egg with 1st place Bucs. They have since then operated the tables, occupied every corner, won the NFC South and secured the best seeds at the conference. Carolina has something to say about it. Panthers and Saints will play twice in the last three weeks of the season, and these games will probably be able to reverse that segment.

But good luck Carol trying to win a victory in New Orleans. Hiding the believer is the hardest thing in football right now.

Here are some snapshots of some of the games that may affect the appearance of the rest of the NFL playoffs as well as after 10 weeks.


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AFC: Who

1. Kansas City (9-1)

The Chiefs did not cover it, but they were in a good position to win the first seed overall by holding a two-digit lead against the Cardinals. Noteworthy, but they gave Patriot a sense of defeat. (Tennessee gave a big help on Sunday.) I ran ram this week. Division.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2-1)

The Steelers defeated the leopard on Thursday night and got a minivan before doing the Jags in Jacksonville, and on the chance to extract some revenge for the last year while Jacksonville licked its wounds. A few weeks ago, Steelers contracted with Cleveland in the AFC North Basement. They are rolling now.

3. New England Patriots (7-3)

You can kill the Vikings in New England on Sunday from Nashville. They will be okay as they will win the division and host the playoff games. There is nothing impressive in the AFC East. But Pat had a problem with his hand, and the AFC looked much more dangerous than we thought and suggested several competitors. There are four very good teams fighting for the top two places.

4. Houston Texas (6-3)

Not Tennessee and Houston's perfect bout, Indy continues to claim the value of the playoffs. But the Texans will need a break if they want everyone to rest and make Deshaun Watson healthy. They are still 2 games ahead of AFC South.

5. Los Angeles Charger (7-2)

Chargers pulled out of the game against Auckland. Despite having suffered quite badly from sleepwalking during the first half, he easily won by 14 points.

6. Cincinnati Bengal (5-4)

The Bengals did not look like a playoff team against the Saints and suffered a loss of 51-14, coughing up Brew and Drew's 50 burgers. A.J. Green is not expected until December. Bengal is in control of the dolphins (4-3) and Titan (3-4) with a 3-2 lead.

AFC: Who is it?

7. Tennessee Titans (5-4): A bully victory against Tennessee on Sunday. The Titans outmuscled their patriots and Marcus Mariota outpaced Tom Brady as the Tennessee cruised to a massive victory. If they play the way they played on Sunday, this is absolutely a playoff-caliber team.

8. Miami Dolphins (5-5): The dolphins had a fierce battle with Green Bay on Sunday afternoon.

9. Baltimore Ravens (4-5)A crow is saying farewell.

10. Indianapolis Colts (4-5): Colts beat Zagreb at home and drove the AFC south hopes into life. Manchester United has one of the best attack lines in the league now, and Andrew Luck is highly protected in front of him and his coaching staff. This is a dangerous team.

11. Cleveland Browns (3-6-1): Gregg Williams wins two victories to lead Salt Jackson to victory. Baker Mayfield and Nick Chubb Browns fans have a lot of hope for a long-term future..

12. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-6): Byrd has been unable to fix what Jaguar does not like and is in danger of trying to play off with the expectation of entering the season.

13. Denver Broncos (3-6): Denver is scheduled to go this week.

14. Buffalo Fare (3-7): Matt Barclay, MVP? The bills confused the jet on Sunday. Please Do not ask. If they can beat Alabama. They will definitely do it.

15. New York Jet (3-7): Jet's insulting effort this week, Todd Balls might be fired.

16. Auckland Pirates (1-8): The pirates have been reborn as the first team missing from the playoffs again.

AFC: Who has eliminated

No one … yet.

NFC: whose

1. Los Angeles Ram (9-1)

The Rams were held against the Seahawks team to earn 1 seed from the Saints. At least when the playoff starts today. Of course they are not – L.A. will continue to play for 12 weeks next week and play the next week's stadium. Rams' attacks may sound like they've lost Cooper Kupp, but they were clicking on Sunday because of what could be a long time. Defensively, they still struggled to crack down on Seattle.

2. New Orleans Saints (8-1)

I have weakened the Saints in the last four weeks, and perhaps the dumbest things I have done recently. They defeated Bengal in Cincinnati on Sunday, moving around the most complete and most dangerous football team. With Panthers and Falcons defeated, Sean Payton's club is a great help in securing NFC's name and top seeds.

3. Chicago Bears (6-3)

Though Mitchell Trubisky wondered whether he would make a huge number, Bears continues to head for the division title, raising a huge number and taking care of his business against Lions at home on Sunday.

4. Washington Redskins (6-3)

The Redskins went down to Tampa, gave up nearly 500 yards, scored the Bucs 3 points, and were able to win. Washington has not had a single lead change in one game this season. It is wild. I know what team the red skins are, but it is easy to schedule and can continue.

5. Carolina Panthers (6-3)

The Panthers were lively on Sunday in Pittsburgh but were not a hope for the playoffs.

6. Minnesota Viking (5-3-1)

The Vikings are in Bai this week.

NFC: Who is it?

7. Green Bay Packers (4-4-1): The Packers played a game against dolphins, but they played longer than they needed before picking up Brock Osweiler and sweeping inferior teams. It was a game that had to be wary of Green Bay.

8. The Philadelphia Eagle (4-4): The Eagles are playing cowboys in Philadelphia on Sunday night.

9. Atlanta Falcon (4-5): Falcon lived in Cleveland on Sunday, losing eggs, losing a victory, and putting hopes for a playoff in serious danger. They did not convert very efficiently in the red zone and continued to fight for defense.

10. Seattle Seahawks (4-5): The Seahawks fought against Rams, but it was brief. They looked like a playoff team, but they were going to start the season and had to start several victories quickly in the loaded NFC.

11. Dallas Cowboys (3-5): Cowboys are playing eagles in Philadelphia on Sunday night.

12. The Pirates of Tampa Bay (3-6): The Pirates had no reason to understand the loss to Redskins at home on Sunday afternoon, and there is good reason to believe that Dirk Koetter can sacrifice his job.

13. Detroit Lions (3-6): Lions are hard to understand / seemed to be defensive and could almost bring back the Bears and cover a +7.5 spread, but that was not the case.

Arizona Cardinals (2-7): The Cardinals showed the most lives of a bad season on Sunday afternoon, and indeed David Johnson was involved in the attack. It does not matter with the exploding patriarchs.

15. San Francisco 49ers (2-7): The 49ers will face the Giants on Monday night in San Francisco.

16. New York Giants (1-7): The Giants play 49ers on Monday night in San Francisco.

NFC: Who removed it?

No one … yet.

(x) – advance to the playoffs
(y) – Breaking
(z) – First qualifying round
(*) – Secure home field advantage

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