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Neanderthals and young women have their sex Waaay more than we did


Most modern people have a few Neanderthal once in their genes. For years, it was assumed that this little DNA shower came from a short meeting between our ancestors and its Neanderthal who has been around for thousands of years.

But what started as a single moment now looks more like a lot of love. A recent analysis of modern human genomics suggests that our ancestors have died with their neanderthal cousins ​​more than once in the & nbsp; own shared history.

It's the classic on-the-off-relationship – but in an epic time. As well as their men from Africa, Europe and Asia, they were on their first Nandertals. And as two sexually compatible beings live for about 30,000 years, then a small hekky pancy is connected.

Today, most people have as many as two percent of Neanderthal DNA, a reminder of # the sexual benefits of ancestors. In fact, the only people who have none of the neandertal DNAs have been left behind by their ancestors in Africa, never to frustrate their northern neighbors.

In short, however, scientists take a closer look at the human genome, and they have sought something interesting on the neandertal DNA. It seems that people in Eastern Asia neandertal DNA have 12 to 20 percent higher than those in stringent European descent.

This discovery opened a new opportunity. Instead of some times, neandertals and modern people can spend several times in # 39; have reproduced part of history. The explanation only, but the research found.

With that in mind, two researchers at Temple University decided to put a few different avenues.

Using a great data of modern human genes, the researchers compared the patterns of Neanderthal DNA into people of East Asian and European victims. The results confirm that both groups have different events with non-Mandarin languages.

The researchers then used a machine-learning algorithm to get all cross-breeding events that could lead to the Neanderthal DNA patterns that they were seen.

The best models do not fit the idea that Neanderthal and modern people, but only a single cross-breeding episode.

Instead, the relationship between our ancestors appears and their Neanderthal cousins ​​are more complex than we appreciate. The findings suggests that there were often changing interactions between the two groups, and it is very likely that there were several sexual encounters between neanderthers and prehistoric people in Europe and East Asia.

"And we believe that a probable explanation for our results is that gene flow between man and Neanderthal became intermittent and continued, but in a somewhat geographically limited region," writes the authors.

Underneath the various percentages of the Neanderthal DNA can be shown in & # 39; old human history. These differences can tell us a lot about how long or certain people with non-National peoples have shared with other people.

They indicate exactly how closely related modern people to Neanderthal – that scientists are long overdue.

If we know more about the complex history between Neandertals and modern people, scientists will just have to deepen in the human gene.

This study is published Nature Ecology and Evolution.

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