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Microsoft is not following a 4K, 240fps, $ 400 Xbox

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We've already heard about Microsoft and Sony's plans for the upcoming generation console hardware. Microsoft is getting leaner on a series of devices, with two new variants of one's current Xbox one with powerful features, as well as a few new devices for the Xbox Next. The rumor that we are doing today is the latest new devices (the two new consoles are called Anaconda (high) and Lockhart (budget)).

GamingBolt recently short of analyst Michael Pachter, who did what, I could only name interesting Take on which upcoming generations possible console.

I expect from a dump-down console, such as the Steam console, where only it is downloaded, and there is no hard drive or disk drive, "said Gachter GamingBolt." So I think there is a streaming device such as a $ 100 Xbox console that won't run in 4K or 240 frames per second. And then I think there will be a more than $ 400 console that won't support 4K, 240 FPS, virtual reality. I don't know if it & # 39; models & # 39; will be. I don't think you come across completely different devices.

If Microsoft can plug in Xbox Next at 4K up to 240 fps with a virtual worklist up to $ 400, I will print a copy of this article and post it on YouTube. The problem with this quote is that it is always health. If we treat the explanation as independent clauses, we are left with a half console that does 4k (a given, the Xbox One X already does this). The question of VR support is an interesting one, and we are curious to know how to run the Xbox Next. Splitting VR between Anaconda and Lockhart can pave the way for a general solution at a time when virtual reality requires additional additional barriers between it and the public. Honestly, I am not yet sure whether MS MS is ready to make a great deal on VR for its next consoles or not.

This leaves the loneliness of a frame of 240fps – and the erase That no, next-gen consoles do not deliver this performance, while maintaining any expected next-generation visual maintenance. There are several reasons why.

First, there was nothing needed than the necessary jump in power efficiency that makes 240fps a possible frame test soul. If you want 240fps in 4K and You want a living room console that does not sound like a jet turbine, you will need to keep the electricity below 200W. To save 240fps to 150W, you have to draw each frame for approximately 0.625 Wn. This is at least an order of more efficient than current GPUs. 7nm just doesn't mean to bring about such improvements. If AMD or Nvidia can build a 240fps 4K GPU for each money, they should be to sell the thing thing, don't eat in a $ 400 console.

Now one can ask, "How about cloud gaming?" In theory, if MS has servers and rack space to be fun for random play, can we not take the limits of a miserable living room and human ears? The answer is literally "yes," but it makes you much less than you can expect. A game at 240fps must deliver a new frame every 4.1ms. This does not take much time for ages of strength.

gfgrid latency chart

This graph of NV has now been sold, in terms of specifications – but it shows how complete it is to deliver acceptable frame rates and exhibits within long periods of time.

In fact, the simplest answer to "Why can't we update games to high frame rates," would be "To keep the speed ones doing things, the hard thing is to keep them all synchronized." " In game at 30fps updates every 33.3ms. A 60fps game delivers a new 16.6ms animation. A game at 240fps needs to provide a new frame in 4.1ms, which means that the same work in as a fourth of one's time is enough to compare to 60fps.

Moreover, it is not even clear what the point of such frame keys would send. It's not as one has a 240Hz TV with a real refresh rate that's faster. VR doesn't need it. The detail life that you should be ready to accept to make this kind of frame shape really compare to original Xbox games, but you are not 4K and modern detail in 240fps in a console or in PC. Even if the manufacturers can beat the frame rates, they get better embedded at 60fps and use the extra horse to use other types of work – and we expect MS and Sony to never apply 60fps again. It would make headlines as they do. 30fps often has the objective, and while the introduction of the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro console gamers has a taste of 1080p, it would be important for the two companies to have their baseline targets up to 4k @ 60 fps.

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