Friday , July 30 2021

Mario Tennis Aces version 3.0.0 update now available

Mario Tennis Aces version 3.0.0 update now available

Ring Shot Mode, new opening movie, and more.

Mario Tennis Aces

Nintendo released the version of version 3.0 Mario Tennis Aces, that added the new "Ring Shot" mode, "Yoshi's Ring Shot" restricted time design, and a new opening movie.

Ring-shot is a new region where the goal is to search a high score by passing the ball through rings. Up to four players can play on a single Switch console. Apply standard rules regarding energy, but do not automatically break blocks successfully.

The call "Yoshi's Ring Shot" is a limited time Co-op Challenge with Yoshi's running until June 1. The players have to work together to get bounces through colored rings and earn points. If you collect enough points to reach the goal, you can get Yoshis of various colors that you can use in Free Play or in tournaments. If you see a ball through a ring that is the same color as the yoshi you control, complete the frenzy gauge.

Mario Tennis Aces is now available for switching.

Try new new opening movies and a few movie feature videos below.

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