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JetGate's Tommy Tuberville on Bob Stoops reports: This is typically Auburn & # 39;

If someone is you know how it sounds like Auburn coach Gus Malzahn this week, is Tommy Tuberville.

Reports Auburn "powerbrokers" met with former Oklahoma Coach Bob Stoops, first reported by Josh Moon, bring memories to the awful JetGate.

The year was 2003, and after three straight-set SEC games, then Auburn booster Bobby Lowder, Auburn president William Walker and athletic director David Housel flew to Louisville to make the interest for Cardinals coach Bobby Petrino to make an interest in the Auburn -baan. The meeting found place for the Alabama game of 2003, which won Auburn.

Shortly after 2018 and reported surface of representatives sent to Stoops, the former Derrick coach refused.

Tuberville gave me and Lee Shirvanian at The Opening Kickoff & # 39; on WNSP-FM 105.5 to discuss the headlines of recent 24 hours at Auburn.

"Unbelievable, is not it?" Invite Tuberville.

He said he had heard three weeks ago that there was one & # 39; to visit Stoops, but said it was not a reliable source. "It was just kind of fun."

That is not to say it abused.

"There are problems in Auburn," said Tuberville, the Tigers in 2004 for an unexpected season. "It's always a problem in Auburn, and, for some reason, they will appear in Auburn.

"That is to say, the things I hear from Auburn are, if they pay Gus Malzahn $ 32 million (for an exercise), they would like to have the troops drop down.

"It's a perfect mess to be honest with you, there are too many people trying to make a decision, of course, they have no shortage of what they are doing."

Tuberville is not necessarily bitter. He "left the storm" as he stood, he runs six straight wins against Alabama. Still, the week leading up to the 2003 Iron Bowl was not a pickup. He has a good idea what Malzahn goes through this week.

"You feel that you are out on an island," he said. "It's not a boat, it's not a lifesaver to reach a safe place, you're just not one with your talk, you have your assistants, but they're on the road.

"When I was my JetGate, it was in the week of Iron Bowl I could not get people that I had 24 hours talking on the phone or in your office … You are closed. "

Tuberville makes it clear that he has no idea what the future holds for the Auburn head coaching position. He can usually be. In addition, he is not sure where the current situation wants to go to Plains.

"I do not know anyone who wants to win in this surprise," said Tuberville. "That you think Bob Stoops comes in this surprise? He flew a better job than this.

"Jeff Brohm would be my first choice, he could do the job, is it good enough to find the trail in Georgia and Alabama? No, no one will see them."

Tuberville tries you do not need to move on with Saban and Smart, you should usually be the best that it can be.

"You want someone to come and Auburn runs when it needs to run," he said. "Get people on your side, raise money, make the best of it, and if you can smash people, you must use them.

"You can not try them anywhere to suggest their own ingredients how they think things should run, you can not do it."

Mark Heim is a sports reporter for The Alabama Media Group. Follow him on Twitter @Mark_Heim.

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