Monday , November 29 2021

ISS Astronauts have Thanksgiving Meals in Space


Three international space station astronauts shared turkey and pans coffee more than 250 miles from Earth to Thanksgiving. In one clip sent two of her felicides her wishes. ( NASA )

Most people go home to their family for Thanksgiving. Others, however, can simply not attend meetings to meet in their line, including the International Space Station astronauts.

It has become a tradition to celebrate this important holiday with the most important people in life, and this will take time off from # 39; to work to share with them the things to be grateful. However, they have certain occupations, specific astronauts, no choice, but to remain in their special ways and to revive.

Expedition 57 Team

Three astronauts did not sell the holidays with their men, but that does not mean they did not have space for making. In a video sharing of the ISS on November 21 through Twitter, Expedition 57 Kommander Alexander Gerst and NASA combatant Serena Auñon Chancellor made it a point to greet a Happy Thanksgiving on earth.

The duo, with Russian cosmonaut Sergey Prokopyev, was to share a dip of meal in favor, consisting of jam, cooked pork and, of course, the traditional turkey, though it was only the Auñon- recorder called Thanksgiving observed in the past. Gerst, a German, said it was not the first time he did this special day.

"Thanksgiving is a time to earn money with those who love your love, which can be that, and we will enjoy this community, but it also calls us back to planetarium," said Auñon Chancellor.

Both Aubergine Chancellor and Gerst had their days off, the #prokopyev worked the only holiday in the holiday home. Regular programming will be back on Friday, and it means that the three have a job, a chance they can be happy with their families and friends.


One of the merit of celebrating Thanksgiving in space? There will be more to everyone. The best part? There are no choices to wash.

Both these things are exciting for everyone on earth, there is a reason why there are only three ISS astronomers inside. NASA's flying engineer Nick Hague and Russian cosmonaut Alexey Ovchinin have to have been in operation, but a misuse in # The space scourge has forced her to return to Earth just to get down to earth just for a moment on October 11.

In an interview, Auñon Chancellor gave as much as the team wanted the two astronauts in space, knowing that they were safe, what is in front of them.

Photo: NASA Johnson | Flickr

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