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Hackers steal $ 800,000 from Massachusetts College – Boston News, Weather, Sports

December 9, 2018

BARNSTABLE, Mass. (AP) – In Massachusetts College, its cybersecurity hits hackers about $ 800,000 by a contagious e-mail.

Cape Cod Community College President John Cox tells the Cape Cod Times the e-mail published by another college and the person clicking on it has no initial expectation.

College of IT officials ran a diagnostic test and found an infected virus. The virus was too late quarantine.

Cox says the malware focuses on the financial transactions of the College and nine fraudulent transactions have been made.

He said the bank and the FBI work to recover the money, and almost $ 279,000 returned to the college.

The college has replaced all the elaborate hard drives and the protection of the next generation by the Barnstable campus.

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