Tuesday , January 25 2022

Fortnite's glider relocation technician is removed from the default game mode.


In the Fortnitemares v6.20 update, Epic will be able to redistribute the glider in all Fortnite game modes, allowing the player to pull the glider at any time if the player has more than three units. The one-week test means expanded to two. it's over. and celebration Great buff for mobility.

Today, however, Epic was limited to the big team game mode, which I thought was the first time I rolled back the glider redistribution changes in the v6.30 update tomorrow. But this is not necessarily the last time you can relocate a glider in a basic solo, duo or squad. Epic says there is no communication and speed to reduce gas, saying, "We did not expect to quickly repeat communications plans with mechanics."

Fair. I am a big fan of Glide redistribution. We can balance all day, but I think Epic is keeping this in mind by walking around the basically more interesting map. But I have seen that such a rapid and significant change makes the existing play style too violent. As Epic repeatedly repeated in Fortnite, he had to react more quickly to the exploitative and frustrating play style that comes from his ability to fight or disappear. I believe I can relocate the glider when items or abilities are introduced to make each jump a more dangerous proposition, but at least I can overcome my favorite disco domination by dreaming of a better world.

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