Friday , May 7 2021

Doctor with a great heart is 2018 CNN Hero of the year

As a physician, his medical education in Lima, Peru, undergone, Pun-Chong went to many children who traveled with their parents from rural parts of the country. And for most it is a dangerous journey – over mountains, rivers and insecure routes, all for medical treatment.

One of the houses in Lima, and often unable to deliver longer city-towns, Pun-Chong saw a lot of families forced to go to # The police boot up.

"I could not figure out the pictures of the family on the floor of the head," said Pun-Chong earlier this year CNN. "So, I decided to do something for them."

On Sunday night, Pun-Chong was named the 2018 CNN Heart of the Year, for his attempt to provide for housing, food and support for sick children and their families for free, while they are being treated. The price is determined by online choices that have chosen Pun-Chong among Top 10 CNN Heroes finalists.

In 2008, he founded a secret and a non-profiting called Inspira, and has so far helped his organization have more than 800 families. The house was designed to be home to children and provide space for children to become "children."

Pun-Chong gets $ 100,000 to grow its cause. All top 10 CNN Heroes for 2018 get a $ 10,000 cash prize, and donations to each of their nonprofit organizations are also adjusted to $ 50,000.

"We can join with our new shelter – with this price we can sort three assistants," said Pun-Chong. "Thank you so much CNN – thank you so much everyone."

He was presented with the Hero of Annual Price by Hearing Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa.

"The real heroes are our children," said Pun-Chong. "It is impossible thanks to you to trust each of you and show us that love has no limits."

Sunday's CNN Heroes Top 10 tribute show was cold full of stars and good swims, licking and tearing – but only the lucky thing.

Ripa and Cooper export the show from New York's American Museum of Natural History, and Grammy Award winner Lenny Kravitz got the audience by singing "Hitherto Love" from his album "Raise Vibration".

Will Ferrell, Bryan Cranston, Danai Gurira, John C. Reilly and Ted Danson were present under the stars. And even Sully, former chairman George H.W. Bush's opponent, was on hand … err, paw … to make an unbelievable cast of all the heroes.

Here is how the rest of the top 10 CNN Heroes deserve to live in their communities:

  • Abisoye Ajayi-Akinfolarin, a computer program in Lagos, Nigeria, teaches injured women in the slaves of # 39; the city how to address a program through the Pearls Africa Foundation.
  • Maria Rose Belding launched MEANS, a platform that reduces resources by connecting restaurants and businesses with extra food to celebrate the hunger.
  • After she was dropped off in an apparent accident, Amanda Boxtel Bridging Bionics – a non-profite therapy called "Aspen, Colorado" a high-tech physical therapy for people with mobylyn fever.
  • Dr. Rob Gore, a nursing physician in Brooklyn, New York, founded the Kings Against Violence Initiative, which led anti-violence programs in his community.
  • Luke Mickelson has started his dedication to find sleep in heaven, a non-business that needs buildings and needs children in need.
  • Susan Munsey escaped from a life of trade and started in 2009, GenerateHope, a group of households, therapy and more for sexual lives survivors.
  • Florence Phillips was born at 87-year-old nonprofits – ESL International Program of North Nevada – which provides free English, computer and GED lessons to immigrants.
  • Ellen Stackable is a former English-speaking teacher who has established poetic justice, a non-profitable teacher writing to ceded women in Oklahoma.
  • Former US Army Corporal Chris Stout started the Veterans Community Project, which connects connecting veterans with home and other essential services.
Also, the honor of Sunday was the 2018 CNN Heroes Young Wonders, an impressive group that all her younger age make this world a better place. This year's class works to put plastic places away, to carry out the homeless and much more.
Start at 8p.m. ET On Sunday, December 9th, donations to the non-profit organization of each Top 10 CNN Hero, through and, are announced by Subaru up to $ 50,000 for Hero until January 2, 2019.

In her 12th year, the Peabody and Emmy Award winner has won over 300 heroic profiles and has received nearly 100,000 nominations from more than 100 countries.

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