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China & # 39; s NYC-sized & # 39; Earthquake Warning System & # 39; Array looks more like a way to talk to submarines

China, according to a larger extreme low-frequency, or ELF, antenna array has built New York City's size, such as a smaller system and associate processing and season improvements at various locations throughout the country. Officially, the complete system, known as Project Wireless Electromagnetic Method or Project, supports the support of the Chinese source extraction and warns ferrets about potential earthquakes. However, there is an important evidence that its primary function, as the long-term communication with Chinese submarines, provides a critical opportunity to support its growing number of nuclear-powered ballistic boats.

De South China Morning Post
The update on Project WEM on December 31, 2018. The antenna arrays and other sites have been more than decades to make, with the program being an important component of China's 11th fifth anniversary, the & # 39; 2006 started. is specific about the project and has not officially published the location of the most important archive. Present information points at Project WEM's bulk are within the Huazhong central region, according to the Peal.

ELF radio wells have a proven capacity to penetrate deeply into water and soil. In principle, this means that a whole antenna array can be useful for determining natural source substrates, such as precious metals or fossil fuels. Joint ventures are already working on potato-based radar and laser molding systems for similar purposes.

It may also be possible to use a system to control the motion under the surface of the Earth. This may, for the purpose, provide strange indications of victorious earthquakes, which are not much in many areas of the country. The deadliest known all-time earthquake occurred in China in the 16th century, killing between 820,000 and 830,000 people based on the Ming dynasty record.

AP Photo / Mark Schiefelbein

A worker working on a Chinese coal mine in Inner Mongolia.

There is a lot of real scholars on ELF application in both these civilian roles and Specialists have published work on these topics. WEM projects are also financial budgets for civilian projects, according to the Peal.

But, at the same time, there is important information that suggests that any civil application may be from secondary education of a Chinese government. The capacity of ELF radio beacons to turn hundreds of feet of water has long been attractive than a way of communicating with submerged submarines.

In comparison, very low frequency, or VLF, whales can only water up to 100 meters at the moment. This means that submarines should get relatively close to the surface or insert a attacking antenna to use these types of communication work. There is a risk that doing so may dispel their position and make them vulnerable to opposing anti-submarines.


An American Navy map shows several underwater communication opportunities and their relative risk. The "clock" symbol for VLF / ELF "stealth" interactions indicates that this only "bell crane" is typically used to alert a submarine to find a safe place to get closer to the surface to get extra information. get it.

One of & # 39; s main advantages of & # 39; Modern submarines, especially nuclear types and vessels with advanced nuclear air-independent propulsion systems, are their ability to stay under water for long periods of time. This gives her inherently valuable qualities. It also makes them good at healing intelligence or, in the case of subscriptions that are present in conventional countries or failing to acquire core skills, to bring them quietly for short or non-appealing points & # 39 ; to post a crisis.

For example, the 724 Research Institute, part of the State Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC), is not an important provider of communications and other electronics & # 39; People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) is responsible for the WEM project. Lu Jianxun, chief editor of the project, has also been publicly involved in replacing the communication work for the PLAN, the Peal reported.

Qiao Tianfu / Color China Photo / AP

A Chinese campaign 091 championship again.

CSIC President Hu Wenmin visited the site in May 2017. He "appreciated the construction of the WEM project and made advices and requests for the next project development and the technical application in related fields," a next statement read from the company.

De Peal Also, a translated map showing the various components of the Project WEM system, published the "" signal from the PLAN. In addition to the great array in Central China, there has also been reported near the coast of South China Sea, making it relatively close to the capital of & # 39; put the submarines on the Hainan owl.

PLAN via South China Morning Post

A map reports the general location on the various Project WEM components.

"Although I am involved in the project, I have no idea where it is. It must be up and running now," Chen Xiaobin, a researcher with the Institute of Geology, China Earthquake Administration, told it Peal, which indicates that a level of security for the project is convincing to its designated citizens. "This installation will have important military use if a war breaks out."

Unfortunately, ELF systems are not ethically efficient and require large locations in very specific positions to deliver every intelligent communication opportunity. They are also limited in how much information they can carry and how quickly they can send it out, sending text-only emails very long. Since the submarines have not needed space for their own ELF transmitters, these one-way warnings have often just told the boat of the boat to position as much as possible to get current instructions.

Only three other countries – the United States, Russia and India – have either eleven submarine communications camps. The Union Navy concludes the last of its ranks in 2004, officially because they are obsolete in light of improvements to very low frequency, or VLF, communication opportunities. The base of the Navy of 16 E-6B Mercury strategic communication weapons, combined with ground-based VLF stations, is today the core of & # 39; a US military to communicate with deployed submarines.


A photo from the main building to a US Navy's Clam Lake ELF transmitter in 1982.

The UU military military still uses VLF probes to earn so-called "Emergency Action Messages", an important part of the core procedure, where you can read more details here. The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA), the Pentagon & # 39; s best research and development arm, among others, has also explored the potential for further improved laser and space based options.

Neither for China, which has the only submarine power on the plan key, can communicate with those vessels without referring to & # 39; be a bottom or surface. China has previously made a super-empty frequency, or SLF, array in 2009 and a long-distance submersible demonstration demonstration.

ELF offers an extra way to at least alert all boats deep under the sea that there is a new command or other information they need to get. It also creates an external communication capability, which will be worthy of the PLAN if it continues to wait for a regional force into a global.

However important, Project WEM may be essential for the development of a Chinese government of its nuclear submarine launch ballistic missile (SLBM). In this case, the ability of any ballistic missile submarines, or SSBNs, to stay under water is important to protect them from security and attack and to ensure that they can carry out their mission if necessary.

Currently, the Sinezym does not have a military base anywhere in the core management and control infrastructure that the United States has on & # 39; have soil. One or more large ELF arrays would be a cost-effective means of expanding the communication capabilities of a close term with the belief in & # 39; e SSBN power, which grows and scope grows.

In 2018, information was redirected to its pointing to its submarine-based nuclear abnormalities that are much more reactive than publicly understood. In November 2018, one of & # 39; s Type 094 is & # 39; e PLAN JinKNSB Championships from & # 39; national balistic mission submarines called the first test flight of & # 39; a fixed fuel panel JL-3, which has a shipping, near 5,600 kilometers. The existing JL-2 can only cover targets at 4,350 kilometers.

In the same month, satellite image appeared to show that the PLAN has four operational type 094s and can build two more in. China has not publicly confirmed how much Jin– Classmates have or are expecting to produce.

"China's four operations Jinclass SSBN's represent China's first reliable, seawater-based nuclear disorder, "said the US military in a 2018 publication of the China Military Power report. "The upcoming generation of & nbsp; SSBN, that & # 39; according to the inclusion of & # 39; Following a JL-3 SLBM will probably start building in early 2020. "

For every extended Chinese submarine-based nuclear aberration to become sufficient, it will increasingly need enough communication and command and control of architecture to go there. The timeline of Project WEM, which in the same year began to feature the first Type 094 in public satellite image, is good at & # 39; running from & # 39; The kind of development you expect to see. Placing the most important array in central China also makes it harder for opponents to keep it in a crisis.

It remains to be seen whether Chinese long-term ELF communication is not yet used ELF or read & # 39; Last but not least when the United States did for other possibilities. But Project WEM that the country is ready to make major investments in high technology, now to improve its ability to communicate with and control its large and growing submarines.

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