Friday , August 12 2022

Browns had fun with the wishbone variant – ProFootballTalk


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People thought Freddie Kitchens, a new Brown Attack Coordinator, was joking last week. As for his goal for the Falcon game, "I want to reach Wishbone eventually."

Browns, on Sunday, however, transformed the old school structure with three backboards in the back field with former Baker Mayfield. The new look was often part of an attack that seemed to confuse the Falcon.

Mayfield told Hayden Grove, "What was it?" Cleveland Plain Dealer. "We showed a different look, we moved the ball well, and changing the tempo was a simple thing and I think it was good for our attack."

It was actually an upside-down version of Mayfield, Duke Johnson, and Nick Chubb in the back of Darrun Hilliard. At some point, Johnson was chosen as an option by Chubb to cover the loss.

Provisional boss Gregg Williams was a bit worried that Kitchens could have done a secret skip a week ago, but victory has allowed everyone to enjoy it.

"When he jokes, I'm thinking," Oh, here we go. " [in the plan]"Williams said," We have good things that the players of that group wanted to come to the arena. We also wanted to know how they would react. How did they visualize or view the package? We had a good play. If we had to keep the package on-site, we had a little congestion. I thought very well about using what we have for Freddie and his offensive staff. "

Browns There is one more thing the other party needs to prepare. Do not be surprised when Kitchens talks about Wing-T concepts this week.

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