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At the edge of space history Beresheet writes about Moon – Israel News

Israel has been successfully recording on Monday to write a month's history, but failed to murder specialty (Hebrew for Genesis) at & # 39; month.

Millions around & # 39; targeting & # 39; a life to see the Spaceil ship, with an Israel flag and a Nano Bible, after the month of Mare Serenitatis as the state of Israel only sought the fourth member of a prestigious club of peoples to complete the powerful task of a space explorer at & # 39; a mine surface.

SpaceIL loses contact with the spacecraft just minutes before completing its historic landing – a feat that is only sold by the United States, Russia (then the SSSR) and China – after an epic seven weeks, 6 , Reached 5 million kilometers. Travel since Beresheet, an ambitious project developed by SpaceIL and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), was boarded on a SpaceX rocket on February 22 by Cape Canaveral, Florida.

The 48-year-old Crew's particular crew resolved all maneuvers of a spacecraft's control bar for 48 days in & # 39; a capital of IAI's IAI.

Once in a hanging position, the landing maneuver – divided into two phases of descending horizontal speed and then vertical speed – started but could not launch when contacted with the special engines of & # 39 ; e spacecraft, that doesn't lead to a loss of height and the following crash indication.

According to initial assessments, one of & # 39; s interested measurements failed in & # 39; a space in the end of & # 39; e ein. A full study will now begin.

"If you don't succeed, try and try – and we'll try again," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the control center.

"We came in the month, but we wanted to get along as far as possible. The attempt is only a great achievement. An Israeli satellite will have one day in the month."

At the control center wall, reviewing the scientists behind the project, read a plaque, "Living Israel's people. A small country, big dreams," incorporating the spirit of & # 39; e try. In contrast to all other countries to reach the month, SpaceIL's achievements were funded almost entirely by private donors, such as the government.

"There we were, we were great and we can be very proud," said Spaceil chairman and led donor Morris Kahn.

The space factory is designed to photograph the location and get a selfie. The main scientific mission, however, was to measure the magnetic field of one month as an experiment that was done in conjunction with Rehovot's Weizmann Institute for Science.

NASA also participated in the mission and a laser retro-reflector installed on the space to communicate after communication. This communication opportunity offers the ability to transport a photo of a month from only 22 kilometers. Height provisioning prior to & quot; sick sickness & quot ;.

"I want to buy the kids who can see it – yes, we couldn't reach the month, but engineers and sciences are hard," said Yehonatan Weintraub.

"Sometimes the first, second, third or even fourth time works, but eventually it will work. I want to encourage you to continue studying engineers and sciences, because once the month can reach, the stars and beyond."

Infamy was the smallest space ever built in an attempt to reach the month, 1.5 meters high, 2 meters wide and 600 kilograms. Fuel represented approximately 75% of users. The mission budget stood at about 350 million, much less than the other three countries, when they did not miss a mission.

The space family also ran an Israeli flag and time capsule on their journey, with hundreds of digital files, cultural products and material collected by the SpaceIL crew and the general public.

The motivation to inspire younger generations to inspire scientific studies, the version of Israel's Apollo effect has been since the inception of & # 39; a SpaceIL & # 39; s visited eight years ago, when & # 39; with coin origin, Yariv Bash & Kfir Damari & # 39; a Google Lunar X subscribe to a prize presentation.

During the race in March 2018, SpaceIL continued to pursue its mission to reach the month. This mission was reported on Thursday, but Spaceil has still proved that the sky was not the limit for a small group of Israelis and supporters, enough to break it.

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