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Amazon HQ2 favorites: similar basics, different feelings


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  • Those familiar with the conversation about Amazon's "HQ2" project said Long Island City and Crystal City have emerged as leaders.

  • Queens's Long Island City is already one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in the country with the highest population density.

  • Meanwhile, despite its main location and abundant transportation options, Crystal City has been hit by the spill of much work.

Communities favorable to large, new, East Coast-based homes in the Amazon have ample metropolitan riverside and ample space for workers.

But there are many differences between Long Island City and Crystal City in New York City in Northern Virginia.

Crystal City is the bush of the office tower of the 1980s, when thousands of federal jobs were moved to another location and then connected to new economic energy.

The rapidly growing Long Island City is an old manufacturing area that has been reborn as a center of industry, creativity and urban life in the 21st century.

Report: Amazon was able to choose Crystal City for HQ2.

[DC]    Report: Amazon was able to choose Crystal City for HQ2.

Amazon, based in Seattle, which plans to have one additional headquarters last year, is expected to open two sites, but did not comment on the plan. Those familiar with the talks, however, said this week that Long Island City and Crystal City have emerged as "HQ2" projects and a total of 50,000 jobs.

Let's look at two communities on Amazon's list.

Long Island City
Already the fastest growing neighborhood in the most populous city in the US, Amazon is able to boost the volume of this crowded Queens area.

Once selected, the neighborhood takes away New York City's reputation as a technology capital. The landing Amazon also cemented the transformation of Long Island City into a vibrant, instantaneous territory of waterfront skyscrapers, modern warehouses, and arts and crafts in a heavily manufactured area across Manhattan's Midtown to the East River I will make.

"We are joking that we have been experiencing explosive growth for 30 years," says Elizabeth Lusskin of Long Island City Partnership, a neighboring development group.

But Long Island City is also nervous to cope with growth.

At least 31 people have died in the most disastrous wildfires in California history.

[NATL]    At least 31 people have died in the most disastrous wildfires in California history.

A few days before the potential Amazon news came out, New York City announced a $ 180 million plan to deal with Long Island City's packed schools, street design and heavy rainwater sewer systems. However, this project will catch up with the current needs. Jimmy Van Bramer City Councilman says.

Democratic spokesman Van Bramer said, "Many people cheer cheerleaders, but HQ2 should work for the Queens and Queens people, which is not good for the Amazon.

Long Island City, a thriving factory and cargo transfer area, saw many factories and warehouses closed down as manufacturing broke down in New York City.

Neighborhood rebirth began in the 1980s. The public officials showed the redevelopment of the waterfront, and the artist was drawn by warehouse space, low rents and buildings that are now the MoMA PS1 museum. Silvercup Studios – 1983 TV shows such as "Sex and the City", "30 Rock" and "The Sopranos" were filmed.

Long Island City has launched a new commercial presence and a skyline of skyscrapers. Citi, now a giant bank, opened its office tower in 1989, but the growth of the area has recently been dominated by residential buildings.

Since 2010, 9,150 new apartments and homes have been built in other cities near New York City, the New York Department of Planning said. Thousands of units are in operation.

Stanley Giraffe Safe at Woolsey Fire

[NATL]    Stanley Giraffe Safe at Woolsey Fire

New York has been working hard for over 10 years to become a technology hotspot.

According to consulting and accounting firm PwC, venture capitalists spent $ 5.8 billion on startups in the New York area last quarter, with the exception of the San Francisco area. Technology giants, including Google and Facebook, have expanded their New York footprint.

Nonetheless, the landing HQ2 will "demonstrate the astonishing validity of how far New York has come," says Jonathan Bowles, executive director of the City's Future City Institute.

Waiting for the subway, Denise Keehan-Smith, chairman of the Long Island City Community Council, was able to imagine the Amazon as a benefit to its neighbors.

"But I think I should be careful about it," she said.

Crystal City
If anywhere in the United States can absorb 25,000 Amazon jobs without confusion, it will be Crystal City, Virginia. In Virginia, nearly a dozen jobs have disappeared over the past 15 years.

Watch the California Firefighters battle to save West Hills

[NATL-LA]    Firefighters battle to save West Hills

The neighboring area of ​​Arlington County is the Potomac River, one is the national capital, the other is the Department of Defense, and the other is the Reagan National Airport.

Despite its location and abundant transportation options, neighbors were hit by massive job openings. In 2003, the KIPO began moving more than 7,000 jobs in Crystal City. In 2005, the Department of Defense announced plans to move about 17,000 jobs elsewhere as part of its basic reorganization.

Arlington County worked hard to bring new employers and was successful. In 2006, the Public Broadcasting Service moved its headquarters to Crystal City.

Still, the large, large area nearby remains vacant. Among other challenges, the area fought to overcome its reputation for old architecture.

Crystal City is populated by office buildings in the '70s and' 80s. The building leads to a tunnel network with food court style dining options, beauty salon and newsstand. Tunnels sometimes leave empty ground level outdoor streetscape.

Brookings Institution Urban planner Jenny Schuetz suggested that the building be upgraded or replaced. But while people often turn tech companies into advanced work spaces or often relate to technology companies, many large Silicon Valley technology companies actually work in office buildings in the '80s era.

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, arriving in New York

[NATL]    Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, arriving in New York

Those who actually worked on Crystal City for all stories about the old architecture appreciate ease of operation and convenience, including tunnels.

"I like it very much," said Christine Gentry of the Maryland Greenbelt. She preferred to work in patent and trademark offices and her office in Crystal City.

"Everything is accessible here," she said. "I never had to leave when it was raining, snowing or sleeping."

Perhaps the atmosphere of Crystal City will be better than the Skydome atop the Doubletree Crystal City, the only revolving restaurant in the area. Diners are D.C. Watch the panorama of the skyline and complete the full rotation every 47 minutes.

Sam Getachew, the hotel's food and beverage manager, said the restaurant fits the neighborhood's retro atmosphere.

"It's a great lottery," Getchew said. "People are curious."

The only drawback is that customers do not know where they are when they come back to the bathroom.

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