Wednesday , August 4 2021

Amazon has people who & # 39; rewrite your conversations with Alexa

If you have a successful speaker from Amazon Echo, do you ever get the feeling that one in Amazon is talking to you with virtual assistant Alexa? According to a Bloomberg report, there are times when someone on Amazon is listening to recordings of your conversations with Alexa. The company has on its payment a number of employees who are paid to not only listen to your interactions with Alexa, but also to write it.

There are thousands of worldwide employees who are responsible for writing these recordings, commenting, and loading the information into a software program. This is to help improve his insight on how & # 39; t people talk; It also helps the digital assistant more responsive to user administrators. While Alexa is designed to use algorithms to improve its performance and user experience, there are also human Amazon employees involved in this process.

The transcripts are used by Amazon to help understand what the company & # 39; s algorithm cannot match. Alexa has problems strengthening snake, foreign languages ​​and regional expressions. Both Apple and Google transport recordings of users using Siri and Google Assistant, respectively. Apple & # 39; s recordings do not contain information that connects them to one of some particular users and is used to improve Siri's voice. Google has listened to some of its employees for the annoying audio of some users to help the company improve Google Assistant. These recordings also did not provide information to certain users.

Speaking anonymously for the sake of non-disclosure agreements that they signed, the people who & # 39; t in & # 39; echoing & echoing & # 39; e echo hear with Alexa are both full amateurs and consultants of Amazon. It works in teams from offices located in places like Boston, Costa Rica, India and Romania, putting each employee in a nine-hour day, while listening to over 1,000 audio clips. When doing this work is the nice routine, then the listeners are listening to & nbsp; things as & # 39; & # 39; a song from & # 39; the keys sings. And if there is a word that cannot be properly understood, an internal system can share audio files at the same time.

A recent approach for Alexa Data Services in Bucharest shows what the job is about. The ad leaf takes that & # 39; every day [Alexa] Listen to thousands of people who talk to them about their various topics and languages, and they need help from us. This is a big data deal as you have never seen it. We make, mark, cross, and analyze for great reasons from a thread on a daily basis. "

If you may be imagining, sometimes the recorded conversations are one of & # 39; the options you & # 39; re looking for in the control of the bands. Two workers in Romania heard the sounds of what they did see a sexual attacker. While Amazon said to be a procedure that employees should follow while being included on a recording, employees say they are told that Amazon cannot be reduced.

Amazon uses the transcripts to help Alexa understand snake, regional expressions and foreign languages

Echo users can prevent Amazon from using their voice to develop new features. But those who choose to buy out can still have their recordings transcribed to improve the capabilities of Alexa. And while Bloomberg discovered that the re-recommended recordings do not have the full name and address of the user, they have the priority of the user and account number and the serial number of the eco device.

Earlier this year, another report said employees of Amazon's camera-camera camera identify device of people and camera's camera vacation. Amazon says this has been done to help ring & # 39; s software learn how to do this automatically.

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