Wednesday , March 29 2023

Alienware celebrates its 25th anniversary with a redesigned flagship gaming desktop


Alienware began operations 25 years ago in a garage near Miami, and the Dell brand is celebrating its milestone with a stylish gaming PC. The latest Aurora system has a redesigned chassis that has extra internal space and more efficient airflow, and it should run quieter.

The outdoor Legend 2.0 chassis increases the internal volume by 50 percent compared to Aurora R12 as R10 without major changes in the overall size of the machine, says Alienware. You do not need any tools to open the shell, so you can more easily access the components. There is an optional transparent side panel so you can look inside and see a motherboard with up to eight zones of AlienFX lighting. In addition, Alienware also offers an optional magnetic cable cover to keep the back of the system in order.

Alienware Aurora with optional magnetic back cover to keep cables neat


As part of the redesign, Alienware focused on improving airflow. Each system has two 120 mm fans, an inlet and an outlet. Depending on the configuration, Alienware may include one or two more fans: first, a second input and then, if necessary, a top outlet. Of course, since this is an Aurora system, there are also options for liquid cooling.

Along with keeping your system cool while running games at maximum settings, Alienware says fans can make the PC quieter. Compared to the previous generation system, the brand claims that the new Aurora is up to 16 percent quieter than idle and up to nine percent less noisy during CPU-intensive tasks. While overclocking, the PC can make up to 15 percent less noise. In addition, Alienware says that the PC can offer a five percent increase in graphics performance compared to the Aurora R12.

There are two color options for the Aurora: Lunar Light and Dark Side of the Moon. In other words, white and black. Alienware will reveal more details about the specs, pricing and availability later this fall.

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