Saturday , January 23 2021

WWE Survivor series Becky Lynch barbarian Ronda Rousey

Becky Lynch may have been expelled from the Survivor Series, but the war against Ronda Rousey is not slowing down.

The SmackDown Live Women's Champion was scheduled to face the Los Angeles Raw Women's Champion at the Pay-TV City Hall this weekend.

But after a wake-up call on Monday night Raw left Lynch with a "broken face", the WWE chief left a surprise.

Lynch ambushed Rauschty in the LaChelium before arguing in the ring where the women's department appeared on both shows.

Meanwhile, Nia Jax 's punches left Lynch who recently adopted Moniker' The Man 'and could not compete this weekend.

Becky Lynch

After turning his heel in SummerSlam in August, Lynch announced that Charlotte Flair will compete with Rousey at Smackdown Live on Tuesday night.

But former UFC champion Rousey, who was aiming for Lynch on Wednesday at Instagram, seemed initially friendly but quickly retreated.

Lynch's & # 39; Stone Cold moments & # 39;

After 24 hours

UFC's Nate Diaz's old twitter image is posted. "If you can not lose the war, you can lose the war, U will not make it out in this world …" Lash will fly to the Irish opponent.

"Unfortunately, when someone pulls you down and punches into reality, your face shrinks or" The Millennial Man "is criticized as a coward of manipulation.

Ronald Lucie

However, Ireland's Lass-Kicker reminded him of the end of his UFC career and sent a brutal Rousey on Twitter.

"Ronnie, TL / DR. When I broke my face, I woke up and showed me the next day trying to fight for more.

"If you broke your face, you would have been able to breathe for a year. Your mind is as weak as your chin and will move heaven and earth and destroy them."

Lynch said.

But that was not the end of the problem.

Rousey later accused Lynch of "blatant hypocrisy" when Nick Jax landed a "sucking punch" and accused Lynch of "looking for a reason to leave" this Sunday.

Rousey did not back down.

When Lynch returns to the ring, it is still unknown.

And if she and Rousey are using different brands, you will not even know when you're standing in your squared circle from toe to toe.

But as the company's female evolution continues to grow, the main events between Lynch and Rousey in WrestleMania 35 look increasingly pragmatic.

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