Wednesday , March 29 2023

Will Smith, California flees wildfire with the Katy Perry brand.


Others have either escaped for safety, or have included Lady Gaga, former EastEnders star Patsy Palmer, Charlie Sheen, who can not find his father, and One Direction star Niall Horan, urging him to leave the area.

Some praised "hero" firefighters and pop singer Katy Perry as "ruthless" in condemning the reaction of President Donald Trump to the crisis.

The Kardashian family, including Kim and Caitlyn Jenner, were some of the first to leave the area with a report that the latter house had been burned.

SCARY: Will Smith photographed a flame in his garden. (Picture: Instagram / Getty)

Heart: Katy Pert Blast Trump (Picture: Twitter)

Lady Gaga is concerned about her property and says firefighters and emergency services are "true heroes."

She wrote twitter as follows. "I am saddened about losing my family or loved ones with unpleasant flames today.

"I sit here with a lot of people wondering if my house will fall into flames. What we can do is pray together and pray for each other.

HEROS: Firefighters are fighting fire. (Picture: Getty)

Two people and Halfman star Charlie Sheen were unable to contact Hollywood star father Martin Sheen and his mother Janet for help.

"I can not meet my parents Martin and Janet Sheen, they are in the preparation area near the beach of Zuma.

"If someone closed their eyes, let them know that they are safe and sound in the midst of this terrible scenario."

Destroyed: The mansion in a wealthy area has been ruined. (Figure: getty)

Sheen's ex-wife Denise Richards said she had evacuated the area with her "hairy child" and her daughters were also taken safely.

She says to Instagram: "We love our community, Malibu is so destructive … It takes several hours to evacuate, and the girls are safe," said aaronwilliamcameron, and I am going out with our furry children.

"Keep everyone safe, emotional behavior to see the tremendous loss of home, family, and animals."

Blaze: The beautiful beach area is covered with smoke. (Picture: Getty)

Bad Boys star Will Smith puts a dramatic video on Instagram and shows the scene where the flames are burning in the hills near the house.

He said his daughter Willow (18 years old) "was nervous to go out and have me evaluate my dad."

"The fire is right there, it's very scary, and we are ready to evacuate it as soon as we hear it," he added, "those in the evacuation shelter urged" go now. "

Giant forest fires are raging through Topanga Canyon. (Picture: Getty)

Later, he added: "The smoke is really close, and for the first time I can see the fire, it is a fire." He said before shooting the plane that flushed the water in the fire.

"We are not in the evacuation zone, but I do not like it, so we will go."

Patsy Palmer of EastEnders, who played Bianca Jackson with soap and now lives near Los Angeles, said he should leave home.

With a picture of the sky full of smoke, the actress prayed for all of Malibu and Thousand Oaks, saying, "Pray for all those who lost their homes today, we have regained the nature."

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