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Why Diagons Don't Work: The reason that weight you lose is back with revenge

Stop, if you are on a diet. Also, if you have tried everything, from slimming centers to the Ketogenate, and have not taken grams. Nor, the 2kg loss of water does not remove. And it does not do the 5kg drop that returns a year later than an 8kg profit.

The pull you & # 39; if you can of this, you are not only. There is always someone inside that diet. Even in your circle of friends, there are one or two people who are using the D word from time to time.

On average, at least two sessions continue in the days of life, Pamela Er, senior diabetes specialist at National University Hospital said. Other experts like dietician Jaclyn Reutens of Aptima Nutrition And Sports Consultants say it would be at least three. "They try one diet, they miss. Then they try again. The third error may be the last one to try," Reutens said.

The long-term thermal weight loss

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DIET and the city

In fact, according to He directed the local servant's show. "It has been slowly building up over the last five years and more traction in the last two years & # 39 ;," she said. Care could, part, be caused by technology. "Food is now easily accessible with only app "she said.

The weight may return as soon as two days. In 3kg weight within two days is not even if someone just makes a few foods.

While food ordering apps are creating, kind of social platforms make the question. "Instagram and Facebook often see content for users. They can view these platforms in the afternoon surf and they view content, which makes ghrelin, the hunger hormones that control both diet and physical procedures in food metabolism , "he said.

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The proof is in & # 39; Caloric Singaporeans consume daily: Six in 10 Singaporeans eat more than the recommended 2,200 calories for males and over 1,800 columns for females one day, according to the Health Promotion Board. From 2017, 32.8 percent of our population is overweight, so Singapore is making the second fat kid in the south-eastern class.

There is also the pressure to look as trendy, noted Er. Health food companies are increasingly making marketing and advertising tools on social media to invest at a health trend, and to promote products like soaps or ketogenic dietary meal plans.

Diet Long Cover Weight Loss (2)

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On the other hand, Reutens believed that the number of Singaporeans is not as high as we think it is. "I believe the number of people who & # 39; t make it a little bit," said Reutens.

"And of these people, the majority are on a diet, which means there are no results or the results are not sustainable. Weight gain is even greater. You can lose two kilometers two kilometers, but put in 4kg in one month."


If you think it is necessary to look for good and make health a modern concept, it is a long way back. By the way to 1863, to be enough. In the meantime, in the meantime, an obese English entrepreneur by the name of William Banting was frustrated that he was struggling with & # 39; losing a bulge. At 165 cm high, the 64-year-old won 91kg and had to step down to sleep to suffer his knees. He also lost his masters.

And of these people, the majority is on a diet, which means there are no results or results are not sustainable.

Needless to say, the needwagon for Banting despite the walking, horse and boat rowing for a few hours a day and also many cumbersome management, remove weight loss and drunk by calorie feeding days (sounds familiar?).

Diet Long Cover Weight Loss (2)

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He was almost in the end, when he saw his ear, no and neck specialist, that he saw for his heart sounds, wrote a nutrition plan: no potatoes, bread, sugar, milk and beer. Instead, four meals in fat per day consist of meat, vegetables and wine. And it worked. Thus, Banting accompanied the results – he showed he had lost 16kg in a month and a half – writing and publishing Letter On Corpulence, addressing the public to share his nutrition plan.

It was the origin of the first diabetes plan in the world – and probably the beginning of & # 39; a multitude of forms of low-aching deacon that you see today. In & mdash; Banting & # 39; on the other hand so popular that people ask to ask, "Are you afraid?" Instead of, "Do you cut?" And his book was still published as 2007.

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The word "diet" is also a modern construction. It was invented in the old Greece, but it does not mean that the meal of certain diets will lose its weight. In its original context, "slide" represents a way of life that you eat, drink, lifestyle and move. "They didn't get everything right, but they knew that a cozy spirit and a fun-loving body made for a cozy society," said Louise Foxcroft, Caloric and Corset's author: A history of deepening over 2000 years.


As a "diet" was already a word in your vocabulary in & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 90, you've already taken away from association fat as the ultimate diet saboteur in a good weight loss. You've heard of names like Atkins Diet (thanks to Jennifer Aniston), Zone Diet, South Beach Diet and Macrobiotic Diet (that would be Gwyneth Paltrow).

"The first few things that really stood out were the Atkins Diet, Hay Diet, Blood Diet, Kabbage Soup Diet, and the Grapefruit Diet," Reutens said. These bikes, however, have focused on some neighbors, only diet or some unsavory theory on how & # 39; t your body works, she said.

The long-term thermal weight loss

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Then came the new millennium and hence the age of reality TV. No one was private anymore, much less the sweaty, non-light and very real camps of obese people trying to expand on TV shows like The Biggest Loser.

In Singapore, popular diets are the happy, Atkins and Mediterranean diets, while in the last two years the ketogenic diet, Paleolithic Diet, intermittent fasting and socks detox diathesis become.

Although such shows could have been motivated by common problems with the couch, the archives reported that the faster and dreary weight lost – as much as 15kg in the week – was not healthy. However, the largest grabber wanted: Contesants often expected the weight they lost, according to the medical journal Obesity Biology and integrated physiology, which was the most important single participant for six years after the results of the presentation followed.

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The early 2000s saw a revival in "meal grading" products, such as shocks, food and snacks. "Some people found it easier than thinking about purchasing or preparing low calorie, healthy meals," he said. However, routines say you still need to keep a diabetic to make sure you use them well to see the best results.

In Singapore, "the most popular foods were cowardly, Atkins and Mediterranean services, while in the last two years the ketogenic diet, Paleolithic Diet, became intermittent and seeding detox diet," said Reutens.

Another trend in the money they see is not losing so much weight but improving health. "Salt-eating the fat, gourmet diet, gluten-free diet … the eating of organic food is not really a sore, but has overstated the question of it," she said.

Why parts do not work – bad

Although the deacons of today are the general outbreak of multiplying the number of calories you use, they still need satisfaction to keep them. And that's where the problem lies. "If it says, old habits will become difficult. Any weight management diary plan can achieve some kind of weight loss as you can, but people just get on the same plan," he said.

Diet Long Term Weight Loss (3)

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It is not surprising that one thing is consistent with & # 39; various dietary methods & # 39; The years have stood, that is what keeps the weight for good. The number on & # 39; the widespread scale simply does not include & # 39; a long rank. "Typically, 5 per cent and up to 20 percent of body ability can be launched over six to 12 months, depending on their conformity, physical activity and consistency in keeping a diet," he said.

They stated: "Most, like in-mind-fastened fasts, may have a chance loss within the days of onset, but this is normal to fluid loss. Research has indicated that 70 percent to 80 percent of people have lost weight Almost all of them back to two years, and the real work begins when you try to save the weight you & # 39; ve lost ".

Animal people find that they are often dependent because they are not found to find the food they need to call when they eat.

Reutens reported that the lost kilos may be recurring more often. "The weight can come back as soon as two days. A 3kg weight of weight in two days is not clear when one person happens to be a few foods."

And there is the reid – you have to keep your service. There is no day off, no weekends, no holiday. "If weight-loss programs, deacons do not work," said Meg Selig, author of Changepower! Changing Secrets to Earning Success on Psychology Today. "Yes, your losing weight, but about 95 percent of people who lose weight by feeding, will change it in one to five years. Since definition, it's a definite temporary plan, it won't work long . "

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That's why, deacon also "prevents practical points," Reutens said. "Animal lovers often find their lives destroyed because they can't find the numbers they deserve when they eat," she said. "Prevent you from having an intermittent fast telephone and your 4/8 hour to 6pm; you will not be able to meet for a dinner at 20 hours."

It doesn't help that your body is always against you. Those on a high protein, low-car awake alert would be familiar with the mood swells coming with them. "It is common to such people on such nutritional, mellow and short-tempered conditions. This is due to the lack of serotonin," Reutens said. "Other side effects include hypoglycaemia (empty blood zucker), deposition, abuse and self."

Diet Long Term Weight Loss (3)

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In addition, your body will go into compensating mode if it doesn't consider the amount of fuel it has used. You feel lethargic. Your metabolic figures are tuned, so your body will burn as much calorie as it is used when it is quiet, he said. And if that happens, the weight loss plateaus.

An increased sensitivity to insulin is another way in which your body tells you it's going back to its original weight. "This means that the solution of glucose back in the fat storage cells will let you become vulnerable to waiting again," he said.

Why do you give it if it doesn't work?

A large part of the answer lies in our love for news and the need to look like "in", said Reutens. "It seems almost trendy to say you are on this or that diet," she said. "I have many questions about the latter, such as keto and intermittent fasts."

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If weight loss sounds like impossibility, there is still hope. "Weight loss is not difficult when you understand the logic," Reutens said. "It is a misconception that all Deacons are not very easy to follow. Yes, the fad diatoms are but a well-planned, intelligent money with a wide variety of foods is virtually easy and enjoyable to follow. Good on a diet is not about eating or understanding one food; It's about a more pleasant attitude to food. "

So, forget about gimmicky bikes. They are a waste of not only your money, but your time and more, psychological well-being, said Reutens.

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