Saturday , May 28 2022

Who is the highest paid TV host in the world?


The highest paid TV hosts in the world have been discovered, with the stars of # 39; a small screen that will make hundreds of millions of pounds in the year.

The Forbes list is fully published by US-day presenters, whose high-ranking stars indicate their significance that they strive for their prime-time sales.

We look for the top five highest paid hosts and how to earn their millions.

Who are the highest paid TV shows in United Kingdom?

The salaries of top-earnings presentations of Britain do not come to the Atlantic.

In & # 39; The spring has made £ 29.5 per year, which will lead to June 2017, while the X-Factor's Dermot O-Leary has a yearly earnings of £ 3m.

The BBC published the salaries of her highest paid stars in 2017.

Between McPartlin is to continue with his breakthrough show
Ant and Dec were said they had earned almost 30 millimeters per year until 2017

The match of "Dagegeaster Gary Lineker" was officially paid between £ 1,750,000 and £ 1,799,999 in & # 39; t year.

Graham Norton was paid a salary of £ 850,000 to € 899,999 in 2017, but this would pay for his Friday Night chat show.

The top earner of the BBC was the radio-host Chris Evans, who was paid more than £ 2m per year.

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