Friday , August 12 2022

UK weather forecast: set the temperature at which the metro office will soak up Indian Summer | Weather | news


Meteorologists expect a very unusual "Indian summer" in mid-November and are expected to rise to 20C this week in the UK. The UK says it will "easily" see the Meteorological Agency rising to high temperatures according to the latest temperature forecasts. A heavy rainstorm raged for a week, causing floods and power outages throughout the country.

Alex Dickins, mMeteorologist The Metro office said it would be the last day of fable destruction on Monday.

He added: "The next week seems to be much drier than last week. Most of the rain ends on Monday, and we start the wind for a week with lots of showers.

However, on Tuesday, when the dry, bright day comes, the showers are expected to disappear on Tuesday.

"The temperature will rise above average and will be double digits.

"Thursday is when high pressure from the continent actually comes in. It is dry in most countries.

"Where we see the sunshine north of the hill, the temperature can easily rise to 13, 14, and the rest will be much lighter than that.

"By the time we arrive on Friday, there is enormous pressure across Europe that brings in moderate air.

"When the wind comes from the south, there is a chance of seeing the sunlight, and then some temperature will rise.

"When we see the sunlight, you can see middle-aged and high school students in the place."

Weather forecaster Brian Glaze repeated the following amazing forecasts. "The weather in England looks warm in warm weather.

"Indiana summer weather challenges the 18C sunny date record."

The abnormally high November temperatures lead to floods in this state.

The Met Office has recently issued more than 10 flood alarms and more than 60 flood alarms.

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