Sunday , January 16 2022

The gardener praised for the remembrance murals drawn from the dust behind the van


A self-employed gardener received a support message after drawing a complicated murals for the Receimbrance Day in the dirt behind the van.

34-year-old Shaun Harvey, 34, spends a day and a half with his fingers and brushes at the request of his six-year-old son, Zak.

"My son asked me to draw Lancaster on the back of the van on Poppy Day," Harvey said at a news conference.

The piece looks like the word "we will not forget" the Lancaster bomber plane flying over the soldier's field next to the grave.

Harvey, a New York native from Lincolnshire, said he had "been accustomed to love art at school," but it has not worked since.

His van photos were shared on Facebook thousands of times and some users even gave him money.

One user said, "I have a large talent buddy. If you like to draw one of these, I will gladly pay it."

Successful in social media, Sean was invited to the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Center and photographed with a real Lancaster bomber.

"I really appreciate all the love of photography," Shaun said. "I will paint the van again, but I do not think it will get that much reaction."

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