Friday , January 27 2023

The frightened train passengers plunge into huge waves in Dawlish.


Storms The passengers who got off the train at Dawlish Station were shocked when they fell into a huge wave.

The train line between Exeter and Plymouth is fragile, so we have this week's weather on Thursday and Friday.

Travelers who left the train at Dawlish Railway Station on Thursday evening were caught in a huge wave.

They can be heard from train user groups leaving the warmth of the train. Just hit the puddle. As the above and below video shows.

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Jessie Woodbridge, who took the video, tweeted: "The train stopped at Dawlish, and a wave of passengers exiting came into the door!

"Could I have a new Southwest railway line inland?"

The high – tide train line caused travel disruption due to the combination of high tide and heavy rain.

All trains between Exeter St Davids and Cornwall are backed up on Saturday morning, despite the speed limit on the London Waterloo line between Exeter and Yeovil.

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Dawlish train story

But on Friday night all the trips to the Dawlish Line were canceled when the track was submerged.

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The police were at the scene in Dawlish last night and a police officer described the condition as 'bad' as he saw it.

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The British Transport Police posted a video of the Dawlish station on Friday at about 7 pm two hours before high tide.

The storm showed the wind and rain that swirled through the station as it reached its worst point. "It will probably be as bad as I've seen in two hours to high tide," he said. "It will be a rough evening."

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