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The final of Walking Dead has the show on & # 39; the railroad was recovered


Warning: Spoilers for The walking Dead season 9, episode 8 below.

This season The walking Dead has its own meta-past, has full options, aids, and athletic climber. After several season seasons, it was announced earlier this year that showman Scott Gimple has the show, with Angela Kang again for the season season. The idea was that Kang's new vision for the show could revitalize The walking Deadstarting with a re-titled session.

First, it worked. The pending arrival of Andrew Lincoln, the singer Rick Grimes plays, observes observers. At one point it was likely that the news event was expected by removing Rick rather than expected. It was a gimmick, however, such as the trip, even when it was off from Rick, The walking Dead Just do it on ice, in the direction of a trilogy of films that will be at any time in the future at AMC. The non-death of Rick Grimes was like the last neil in the bell, the moment the audience realized that it was as much as they worked for The walking Dead To set up their playing style, it's just not in cards.

Then it's funny. In the last few pairs, a new vision for The walking Dead began to escape – someone who was interested in minor character movements and new conflicts that felt much full The walking Dead of previous seasons before the show was won with his comic book-influenza stunts. The Midseason Final, "Evolution", completed transition. And while the two of us are frustrated The walking Dead At times we are now in & # 39; What feels like a totally new position: Experience the new approach of # show, what's going on, and how to find how the people come there. Of course we were here talking to her.

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How did they do it?

Bryan: I'm going to be really honest here and tell you I do not think The walking Dead could break it. I had problems with the show for a whole while, and I always stopped when Glenn died. But I kept tabs on & # 39; the larger plot movements of & # 39; the show, and finally came back. Well, I could not be happy about how exciting I am again about the show.

How? The walking Dead do you succeed? There are many elements to see, but for me there is a philosophical approach. In the last few days, the show is much more interested in characteristic stories and the emotional consequences these characters are all grappling. In Evolution & # 39; There are a few great experiences with the Whisperers, but for me is the best example in the whole episode is Henry's story.

In Evolution & # 39; The audience learns Hindrik decided to go to Hilltop to not become a blacksmith, but still he still hangs a huge wound on Enid. If he learns, she already has a friend, he does what every garden will do: he even gets spoiled and parties with a bond of other thinkers. They drink, they do wrong, and the other teens succeed in walking a hiker – Henry decays decently.

This turn is a good example of Henry's compassion, but the fact that The walking Dead In & # 39; Time has time to investigate what might have been a tanner or if that community is what I am doing. These children know that they are in a dangerous zombie world, but they have just enough stability for traditional adolescents tendances to keep. After literally years The debate on various moral hills, was surprisingly the show to look out over the Big Bad Guy Negan on The Big Good Guy Rick. Once upon a time Carl was used to investigate a number of these ideas, and it's just like Carl's comic book story was recorded on Henry. But this kind of relative situation may have been captured in The walking Dead now. If this is the direction, the series is now driving, sign me up.

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Nick: When I was going to be in Season 9, I was assured that Rick would not reject his termination of the 16 would be ruled by all 16 episodes and one of Tasmanian turnaround work. Kang was hired to leave. And while the season started to grow strongly, began to make the final kick in the game, I did not hope that the show would be a lot of improved post-Rick. The emotional wiplash of "Maybe it's okay again?" And "Oh no, it's back to her old nonsense" was difficult. And the show must be the breaking of two large drawings (Lauren Cohan's Maggie also released this season), made it felt that writing to the wall was.

But then different time jumps were made strangely: with Rick disappeared and the weight was taken from the writers of # 39; the show, The walking Dead The show Kang is gradually promised. I think of the inclusion of characters – how they are treated with tragedy and new experiences, and what they have combined – felt it revitalized and less than the awareness of comical book adaptation, the word was. "Evolution" is the best of the last three episodes because all of these changes are raised and really judges how effective Kang and the writer's team to go out and the six-year leap, the 't Traditional stories we both became skeptical of the first.

I was mainly tried by a scene with Gabriel and Negan, where the Reformed pastor tried to help the crime criminal by his problems and why he was chosen to make the man he had done in postapocalypse. In the past year, these types of vignettes are usually tasty, creative omissions – The walking Dead Love a good musical mount – Mostly designed to fill the time and make a lot of colors needed. But they took a lot more deeply and contributed to the total plot.

In this particular, however, when Gabriël Negan again re-raised his high-profile man from outside, I was shocked how exactly it was. Negan, realizing how he is hungry, strives to open up Rosita's injuries and the threatening threats they have all had. It was just as the writers recognized how negatively they had Negan's character by removing the man to scratch his tired. Later, when found in Negan's cell door, he was thrown out, he runs with a fiery angry on his face. But the audience now can not expect that the same old will be lost. Gabriel's conversation has been non-negative as a potential connected to the coming battle, though it is a white card with its own intentions. This kind of narrative setup even makes the smallest scenes in the post-Rick world so much more weight.

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What were the high points?

Bryan: Let's talk about that Negan flight for a while longer, as it really is one of my favorite things in season. Negan has always been as humorous as it may be, that it could only be extinct, that I was learning from old age about something or he did not come. But one moment, when he discovered that the keystroke is unlocked, it defines more than a vocabulary of monologues.

The door was probably closed exclusively, but the show did not explicitly point out that. Instead, what we have Negan realizes is that he can be clear himself In a captivity for an unknown long time, he never failed to check the door. It calls back to the season 6, "Here's not here," when Morgan had a similar disclosure. In that case, the part of Morgan's evolution of 'murder murder' into # 39; the consumer of peace. And while I'm hesitating is that's where The walking Dead will go with Negan, I love herself as the moment so relaxes its own sense of bravado. Yes, he loses and gives a secure boundary if he goes away, but I always feel like it is one of the few times Negan has a real moment of self-realization.

I must also get the whole short story between Jesus and Aaron. It is a sample example of how it is Walking Dead Do things in a more fun way or in the previous seasons.

In the strip Jesus and Aaron are a few. In the presentation, however, we have learned to read an episode that they have been a kind of privileged baccalaal communication between their two communities. It is not clear whether they are just friends or if it's a romantic component for their relationship – it could really play one – but it does not really happen to be in "Evolution" Jesus by one of the & Whisperers are stopping.

So what we have is a story of strips that are partly adapted by the show in a way that comical viewers think they will know where things go, just the rough to draw Jesus to death more effectively. And for everyone who visits the show, it just happens as a relatively tragic short term.

There are no games played. No cliff hangers. No weighing and winking with marketing materials. The show shows the relationships, signs, and events for her. It's brutally effective, and it's a level of guidance that I did not see much of the show. I see that it has a small picture to take this as a whole point, to legitimize yourself because of the death of Jesus, but that's also the right reason I'm inclining it. The walking Dead Publicly caring for care about taking nothing and taking seriously. And here, almost as a genuine note, the show results in an emotional hit that can not be rejected, as it would let us know what it can. I watch TV shows to find something to happen, and this death does just that.

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Nick: This is a good opportunity to talk about what I think is one of the best improvements this season: the handling of elements from & # 39; Robert Kirkman comic this series is losing adjustment. The walking Dead Always has its own course mapped, which depends on the source material in setting up new characters such as Daryl and playing a chugging game of mixing and matching stories of stories and plots to make it all. (Rick never renamed his hand in the show, but the poor Aarne has dropped that litter in his vomit.) But with the guilt of Glenn's death and the final introduction of Negan, she felt that the show was a lot to maintain resource material. AMC hung great moments of comic strips on the kitchen of & nbsp; the TV sets and the annoying teas, and the injuries with public expectations in the way they are cheaper to be found.

Season 9 feels different. It's not all that we're leaving Rick, Carl and Maggie, all of the more important players in comic. It is more that the show uses its source material in a silly way, many as the show for major seasons in seasons 3, 4, and 5 were destroyed. Why is so much attention paid to Henry? He takes Carl 's roll of strips. What about Negan's out of prison? It's an important moment in his story book. The painters who sell them as hikers? That's the next great comic book saga.

I agree that the treatment of whisperers, those early hikers who have mystical control over major zombie groups, is really well done. It's a clear variation of how the former showfinder Scott Gimple played the Saviorsbalk. It feels more organic, better written, and less humorous. There are no verbs filler episodes that have been devoted to believing the public that the zombies were. This is a throwaway suggestion of a wounded Eugene in Evolution, & # 39; with the group that understands explications such as how they are followed by probably intelligent walkers. Instead, we get a powerful pay in the form of Jesus. surprise, and the direct training of Whisperers as a profound, cultural threat that now draws the drawings.

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What were the scores?

Bryan: It is enough that they made goofy Eugene, out of panic and anxiety, the person to float the spoken horse's theory. It's almost like the show is unlucky to smile too close to the lyrics of stripes or a way to quit the tactic.

That said, this was not a nice sweep of rhymed episodes. It feels like they have only the struggles in the last couple of years, and there were many problems on the road. The biggest spot for me is the Rick Grimes Death Fake-Out ™. It was so awful, so unhindered for his audience, so unapologically inexpensive that I could not believe the show was the route. And it's just some interest that I would have been able to get in new movies by Rick Grimes. It is difficult to say, but the way the whole scenario is run, Rick puts in the symbol for all the bad thoughts of the show, while the new drawings and new conflicts suggest the forefront. What about you? What's the most when you see everything?

Nick: I still have a box on the share of Rick. I came to order to accept that it felt like a cheap time to make time, effort and marketing, that we think he would really die. On previous years, I saw it as a well-executed trunk, one that meant that at least a show such as this, the audience was a good (or some fans were really because Rick was dying ) and start with expectations, as long as you speak the pubers later. Whilst the trilogy of Rick films do that, or whether he has to show the role in a show, it will still be visible. And so much would I like to see that Rick will make the next season or make the other characters show that he still lives, perhaps it's better for the show to move.

Honestly, what I take most of this season is the handling of Lauren Cohan's trip. Not only that the show has the most personal responsibility for Rick on the bridge on a bridge in an impressive manner, but they also wrote out of # The show-screen, which makes it easy for the daytime events to lead to Maggie's emergence. It feels great. I know that the Action Operation on AMC does not have Cohan delivered in the season not more than four episodes. Still, I hope that we get at least some clarity on this situation, and that Maggie does not stay alone after the long summer trip between the Hilltop members and Michonne is outdated as a plot machine.

What do you want to follow

Nick: My greatest hop for the second half of season 9 is that it does not take its time and the next big conflict has elapsed. I'm rackily surprised that we can see a locker so easy in this season, and it has really risen about how much action and plot the writers can emerge from the remaining eight episodes. I've been a big critic The walking DeadSeason 16 season. They are just too expensive and too much to fill the quality of the show.

In Saviors saga is the 32-digit focus on Negan expression, and the knowledge of & # 39; The season is historically a product of a massive ratings of & nbsp; The show made it even less defensible, the most seriously injured. Hopefully the show will stop the interesting tempo, which has been in the last three episodes. I would also like an introduction of Whisperers as a formal antagonist earlier than later, especially because their leader in # 39; The strips are one of the more stringent cuts of & # 39; the series.

On the other hand, and I know that this is my resistance, I will like to see a kind of exploration what's happening in the & # 39; Six years later, between Bridge Bridge when "Rick" died and where we are now. AMC has in social media replies and random posts the teachers learn about Daryl and Michelle's mysterious "X" nodes, and I think it's an unwanted and creative imperative bit of & # 39; The story is that the show needs to be investigated to help all the characters Conflicts come in a definite resolution, or it will happen to unite the communities to combat whisperers. How maggie plays in these backdrops will also be curious.

And last but not least I want to see more Negan. His character was suspected of being an antihero. The moment he's the boogerman is in the situation and begins to be an important player in the main ensemble, he will be very fruitful for his character and plays that his green antiquity or illusions have.

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Bryan: I'm not familiar with the strips, so I do not have a specific list of news archives. I ask only to learn more about the creative approach you have been replaced Walking Dead takes. How does a large bow play like Whisperers when the show performs this story with such efficiency? What new emotional area can these characters examine they have never been allowed before? What does Negan look like in this context, and how does he change his character and change? (I can not believe I just wrote that, but Yes… I'm also curious about Negan, too.)

And many hookies have disappeared in the last few pairs, which I'd rather learn to learn about Daryl and Michonne's novices, what happened to these communities in such a way that they could fight against it and how the show the threat of # 39; The whisperers used to unify them.

I also set up to see what with Henry and his new potential romantic interest. The walking Dead He was really important for the influence of the extraordinary & # 39; the ordinary masts of life, and to me, that was the show the most important aspect. It is not entirely directed at that direction, but if it goes back to that, it's a chance that victory is not the only line, but the same-old-old feeling that is now zombies in general. The postapocalypse or a storytelling has come and goes back and is coming, but stories with relative themes and characters are always fresh and attractive. Maybe this new Walking Dead they can find them.

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