Thursday , March 30 2023

The F1 team will be escorting the police at the Brazilian Grand Prix.


The Formula One team will have a police escort at the Brazilian Grand Prix this week.

Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes team and Williams staff are all willing to support trips with local law enforcement officers, many of whom have been involved in security incidents last year in São Paulo and McLaren. Interlagos circuit.

The Press Association Sport understands that not only police protection, but that some teams will hire professional drivers for a week rather than hired employees.

The Red Bull team, based on the Milton-Keynes, will contact Sao Paulo's security officer when they arrive and depart from the stadium throughout the weekends.

The UK-based F1 team secured security with Mercedes, Williams, tire supplier Pirelli, and the Sports Association (FIA), all of which aimed at gun-wielding mobs last year.

The Mercedes staff took out valuables and passports. My passport was stolen when I listened to the minibus when some masked offenders left the track. Hamilton said one team member was holding a gun in his head in a terrible trial.

The F1 boss faced serious criticism of the anxious security breakdown and was ordered by the FIA ​​to begin an extensive investigation of the incident.

A meeting with F1 officials, Sao Paulo authorities and FIA vice-president Jose Abed was held in Brazil in September to confirm the areas and times of operation that were at greatest risk. In fact, most of the crime last year was committed in the dark and long after the end of the pursuit.

In response, the Sao Paulo Police Department is working hard to provide the team with what the F1 circuit described as "strict" unprecedented surveillance of the roads coming and going on the circuit. Near the slums.

Therefore, the number of police is expected to rise significantly more than in the previous year, and its presence will feel much longer at night.

An F1 official encouraged the team to avoid wearing team clothing without locking the car's door and marking something of value such as an expensive watch.

The Interlato race, held in the largest city in Brazil, has been aimed at many times by armed thieves. Jenson Button was attacked by gunmen when he left the track in 2010. Three Sauber engineers were also robbed the same night.

Hamilton will return to the Mercedes cockpit for the first time since winning his fifth world championship in Mexico. He said last November: "I was disappointed. I have been running for 10 years in F1.

"The people at the top are supposed to take action and keep everyone safe."

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