Sunday , May 28 2023

The Berwick Bridge is turning blue for charity.


Berwick's famous Royal Border Bridge is one of the northeastern landmarks that turn blue to celebrate World Diabetes Day.

NHS England in North Cumbria and North East congratulates the success of the program to help prevent type 2 diabetes.

The NHS Diabetes Prevention Program covers more than 250,000 people nationwide and 8,294 people in the region are at risk.

There is strong evidence that about 90% of all people with diabetes have type 2 diabetes associated with obesity and that prevention is possible. Lack of exercise, diet, and overweight are all risk factors that can cause disease.

Prevention programs are designed to delay or delay the onset of a condition through a range of personalized lifestyle interventions.

This program was the first of two national diabetes prevention programs and is the world's largest initiative for people at risk for disease.

Dr. Caroline Sprake, GP at Benton, Lane End Surgery, one of the first examples to provide patients with the opportunity to participate in the program, commented, "Early signs were positive and people in this area are at high risk for Type 2. Now, Can be obtained.

"Over 8,000 people have already been recommended, and attendance shows that the program is approaching the people most in need."

"There are too many people with a potential diabetes risk, so there are programs that can help people support and help change, and there are a lot more communities that we have to do."

As millions of people in the UK are at increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes, we are working hard to help people live a healthy life. That's why diabetes prevention programs are important. "

More than half of the overweight patients who normally participate in the program nationwide achieved an average weight loss of 3.7 kg, and in the northeastern and northern Cumbria approximately 50% of the people are on the first assessment in the initial evaluation Intervention Session 45%).

Individuals mentioned in the face-to-face program receive personalized assistance, including advice on how to lose weight through lifestyle choices, healthy eating and physical activity programs. These two methods together reduce the risk of developing Type 2 It has been proven that diabetes.

The number of North East landmarks and buildings will blossom on the day of World Diabetes Day.

The blue theme is derived from the World Diabetes Day logo, which is a blue circle. Over the past few years, the world's landmark has shone blue.

The confirmed places and landmarks are as follows.

Berik: Royal Border Bridge

Whitley Bay: St. Mary's Lighthouse

Newcastle upon Tyne: Civic Center

Gateshead: Millennium Bridge

South Shield: Town Hall

Sunderland: Security Officer, Kill Square

Middlesbrough: Center Square Fountain

Sunderland: Panshou Monument (National Trust)

Durham: Rumley Castle Hotel

Darlington Memorial Hospital

Based on current population trends, by 2035, 4.9 million people will have diabetes. Type 2 diabetes now costs the NHS £ 8.8 billion every year.

For information on the NHS Diabetes Prevention Program, please visit and WDD:

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