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Suzie Lamplugh suspects complaints about the character 'Assassination'.


In 1986, a major suspect for the disappearance of Suzy Lamplugh, a real estate agent, sent a letter from the prison to complain about the "assassination" of his personality.

According to a murderer, Jann Cannan, who was convicted on November 6, police searches in his backyard, once owned by his mother, continue for 13 days.

Cannan denies any involvement in the disappearance of the 25 – year – old.

In a letter sent to a female pen pal and forwarded to the Sunday mirror, Cannan said the latest investigation is ready to escape the state of full security at Full Sutton prison.

John CannonJann Cannan denied any involvement in the disappearance of Suzy Lamplugh (Avon and Somerset Police / PA)

It reads: "When your kind letter arrived, I was about to get out of the building. Thank you very much.

"Yes, this assassination of the police and the media has greatly upset me. Worse, I feel I have no strength because I have no response.

"Strangely enough, the reality of my life is much more fun, yet buried."

He also mentions a video of a dating agency made in 1987. This video described his perfect woman in 1987 as "easy and comfortable", just like everyone else.

The video was made six weeks before being arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and murdering a newlywed Shirley Banks in Bristol.

He is sentenced to life imprisonment for murder.

In his letter, he says: "Well, I did not meet any woman in that institution.

"It's not what you think it is. I do not really believe what you are reading or watching on TV, and many of it I dispute."

Police next to trash tipPolice search the backyard house owned by John Cannan's mother (Peter Byrne / PA).

A spokesman for Mirror said the letter was delivered to the police.

Lamplugh left the West London office and disappeared after meeting a mystery client called Kipper.

Her disappearance remains one of the most notorious cold cases in Britain and is estimated to have died in 1994.

Three days before she was last seen, Cannan was released from the hostel at the Wormwood Scrubs Prison and was sentenced to six years in rape.

He was also associated with the incident because of his strong similarity to e-fit with her kidnapper, and according to reports, he nicknamed Kipper, providing the previous sentence.

Met leads the search at an address on Shipton Road in Sutton Coldfield.

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