Finally, Apple Watch owners who prefer Spotify through Apple Music have finally got an alternative.

After a long wait, Spotify updated the iOS app to add support for Apple's wearables, allowing users to stream music, change tracks, listen to podcasts, and connect directly to speakers with Apple Watch.

Spotify on Apple Watch (Photo: Spotify)

Spotify's first release of the app for Apple Watch is a new update to the iOS Spotify app. Popular streaming services already include Google's Wear OS, Garmin Smart Watch, and apps for Samsung's Galaxy Watch and Gear watches and fitness trackers.

Users who subscribe to the company's Premium tier can store and listen to music on a Samsung or Garmin watch even when they are not connected to a mobile phone or the Internet.

Similar to the Wear OS app, the Apple Watch version can not download music or podcasts and listen offline on your wrist. However, Spotify says this feature works.

According to industry researchers, 9.3 million paid subscribers and 36% of the world market share in September. MIDiA Research, Spotify is not only one of the biggest names launching apps for Watch in its three-year history, but is also one of the only music companies to do so.

Apple music, iHeartRadio or Deezer Spotify and Apple Music are internationally popular because there are no apps for Apple Watch that have other popular music streaming services in the US, including Pandora, Tidal, YouTube Music, Google Play Music and Amazon Music.

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