Tuesday , September 27 2022

Scientists translate the Sunrise image of Mars into music.


Using photos of the 5,000th sunrise on Mars captured by NASA's explorer Opportunity, British scientists created a two-minute piece of music.

The soundtrack was created by scanning the picture one pixel at a time from left to right, viewing the brightness and color information, and combining it with the terrain height.

The researchers used a "data sonification" technique that applied computer algorithms to assign a specific pitch and melody to each element, transforming the picture into music.

Domenico Vicinanza, director of the Sound and Game Engineering (SAGE) research group at Anglia Ruskin, said: "I am very pleased to announce this work on a compelling and fascinating planet.

"Image ultrasound is a very flexible technology in scientific inquiry and can be used in many areas, such as studying specific characteristics of planetary surfaces and atmospheres, analyzing weather changes, or detecting volcanic eruptions," Vicinanza added.

Quiet and slow harmonies are the result of a dark background, and the sonic processing of bright sun disks produces bright, high tones in the middle of the song.

By applying data-ultrasound techniques in the field of health science, the researchers can provide scientists with a new way to analyze the occurrence of specific forms and colors.

Together with Vicinanza and Genevieve Williams of Exeter University,

At the NASA booth, Dallas Supercomputer SC18 conference will present a work titled Mars Soundscapes.

Since it is presented using conventional speaker and vibration transducer so that the audience can feel the vibration by hand, we enjoy the sunrise experience in Hwaseong.

Chance is Robot Rover, who has been providing photographic data to NASA's Mars since 2004.

In early 2018, communication was interrupted by a dust storm. Scientists hope to resume function later this year.

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