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Samsung is going to accept the infamous level, but the Galaxy S10 may not get the BGR.


Samsung Electronics unveiled the Galaxy F Infinity Flex screen that can be folded at SDC18 keynote address. We now know that Samsung will accept the infamous iPhone X notch. It has avoided over a year. But that does not mean that the flagship of the Galaxy S10 will soon be stepped up, and details of Samsung's presentation give us good reasons to be excited about future notched designs.

Samsung has released a number of displays that will be part of Infinity's non-Infinity family of foldables. These are Infinity U, Infinity V, Infinity O, and New Infinity. These marketing terms are meaningless without visual guidance. The images Samsung shared on the stage are as follows. Android police:

Image from: Android Police

As you can see, two of the above four Infinity displays have U and V-like camera notches. The third display has a letter O-shaped hole, a display type and screen design that Samsung recently bothered. The Galaxy S10 is expected to see it. Rendering shows how a display with a hole at the top looks.

Image Source: Benjamin Geskin, Twitter

However, there is a new Infiniti display with no bezel at the top right. It's not clear when this new infinity display will be released, but it looks like a costly display that you can expect from a mainstream device. A type of display that does not require holes or cutouts to accommodate the camera and sensor. This is a display type that incorporates various elements, including the front speakers and the camera, under the glass. Samsung has already created a display that makes a sound through the screen through the bones, so Samsung is naturally looking for a way to place the speaker under the screen. However, hiding the camera under the display can be more difficult.

Samsung did not display the full screen in the above image, but it is assumed that the Infinity display does not have a lower bezel. In other words, we hope to eliminate the upper and lower bezel at the same time as Apple, rather than go the way that Samsung imitated. Most iPhone X clones have a lower bezel.

With that in mind, did Samsung complete the technology to mass-produce a new infinity display for the Galaxy S10? Or do you have a small bezel feature on top of the Galaxy S10? Perhaps the Infinity O hole, as shown in the above rendering?

Cheap Galaxy phones in 2019 can package Infinity U and V screens, but more expensive mid- and high-end handsets can receive Infinity O and New Infinity screens, but that's just my guess. In addition, the technology used to create the new Infiniti design will allow Samsung to offer similar display designs for the future to the best smartphone makers, including Apple and Google. After all, iPhone X, XS, XS Max, and Pixel 3 XL both have OLED screens created on Samsung displays.

Image Source: Zach Epstein, BGR

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