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Pundit nails Wolves & secrets as fans blaze Liverpool hypocrisy

& # 39; Better if Never & # 39; looks like the motto of "Molineux's men."

Wolverhampton Wanderers have written three stoppers time winners this season in the Premier League this season – more than one of them top-rated runners.

Diogo Jota won a final win in a seven-goal thriller against Leicester City, making his hat trick in the process.

Earlier wolves of the month Matt Murray decided she was watching spontaneously is not a coincidence – that is because of the introduction of fitness and conditional work that goes to the club.

As a top platform, the secrets of Wolves are successful and they have earned their last break well, says Murray.

"The Wolves players are really, really fit," said Murray, who has won the Wolves 4 Leicester 3 as a pundit for Sky Sports.

"Both teams look good enough, but for that reason there are all staff members, people talking about sports scientists and if they have no influence, but if everyone works together with the doctors, the physios, the medical staff, whoever it is, really important.

"The games come hard and fast, so if you have to get the restoration and what Wolves player gets, because of the way the training is handled, they can always go in & # 39; home until the end.

"And I think you've seen blessings with the fitness level & # 39; s physically and mentally, they can go straight to the end and therefore they'll get you the winner."


A random match at Molineux saw Wolverhampton Wanderers defeat Leicester City 4-3 in the game by Diogo Jota & # 39; s striking hat-trick.

Wolves rolled in a two goal in the first half because of Jota's fight and Ryan Bennett before Leicester played the game at & # 39; bought a cup after the break.

Claude Puel's work appears to depend on a cut, but some words, in the wisdom the Frenchman has offered to his players & # 39; an interval of desired effect.

Demarai Gray returned within a second of the restoration before former West Bromwich Albion loanee Harvey Barnes visited Rui Patricio through a dissolution of Conor Coady.

Ruben Neves's entire move gives Jota his second to count on the benefit of Wolves for West Morgan later on header to anoint points for the Foxes.

Wolves were not destroyed and Jota ran his hat-trick into injury time by running from home Raul Jimenez.

Molineux reverberated with fun and Wolvesfloed Nuno Espirito Santo came down with his parties, calling on the field to kill Jota and even doing a red card in the process.

Where & # 39; t the boss

Wolve director Nuno Espirito Santo gave his judgment on his broadcast

That happened. The law is clear. There is no explanation. After all the situations in the game, to make the game like this, everyone in Molineux brings a lot of luck and I'm not an exception.

"He explained to me what was happening. It was clear and it was a good decision.

"He said:" You are not allowed to run your area to run in a match or in & # 39; a pain.

"It's happening. I don't know if it'll go back. It's a hard time because of the way the game went. It's tough to contain your emotions."


Leicester director Claude Puel is accusing the Naive Defense Fox

"It was a crazy game and in this way we ended up with."

"In the twenty-first time we were close, it was a big disappointment. I hope we can learn with another situation. It was important at this time to run the clock and find a great time feeling.

"It was a difficult game with various emotions and it was a great opportunity and opportunity to keep this feeling ahead of the future.

"Now we have another feeling, we feel the negative result."

Why our men

Wolwite writer Alex Dicken reckons Diogo Jota can just assist the Molineux men with a transfer. See his video classification:

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FANS & # 39;

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Here is a selection of comments from Wolves on social media

James Barnett: Klopp jumped over the field to party with his goal counter – nothing. Nuno runs the freeway and runs at 5 yards to elevate with Jota. Sent to & quot; standing & quot; Same referee. And I'm always on & # 39; e top of & # 39; a soil is told & # 39; is not a thing.

Matt Cook: Klopp runs on the field to ask a last minute winner … what a man who passion. Nuno does not need to go the market and send it! Another example of the big lobbies in #wwfc

Pete Wolf20: Klopp does it and the ref you nothing, Nuno does it and it is offensive to football. It is Liverpool's hypocrisy that puts my head in.

Lorenza: Jurgen Klopp walks to the pitch after a last minute winner – "what a man, look at that passion, love him". Nuno walks to a message after a last minute winner – "not acceptable, away to the positions you & # 39; t go". One rule for the top six and another for the rest. Jokers. No, you are. #WWFC

Tom: So Nuno asks at a state to party with the boys after a 93-minute winner, but Klopp can run on the field if Liverpool wins the last minute and doesn't say anything? #wwfc #lfc

Alan Edwards: Klopp against Everton runs centrally to celebrate, not broadcast. Nuno steps 3 yds to & # 39; s pitch to kill the hero-trick hero who just came back from injuries, sent to the stands. Same referee. Why the difference in answer? #wwfc #wolvesaywe

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Shrewsbury Town in Wolves, FA Cup Fourth Round, Montgomery Waters Meadow, 3pm Saturday January 26.

It's FA-Cup action for Wolves this coming weekend, as they travel to Shrewsbury Town.

Wolves beat Liverpool in Molineux in the previous round, while the Shropshire club knocked out Stoke City.

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