Sunday , October 24 2021

Previous Evolution, Bizarre Creation Staff, Required for Multiple Projects •


Stations from two major names former UK studio will work together for a new set of projects.

Wushu Studios, most of which consists of ex-Evolution staff members, think of Lucid Games, which is largely followed by former Bizarre Creations talent ( ThinkPad Gotham Racing).

Formerly formulated this year, Wushu has kept quiet about what it has worked so far. Sugar Games however, you can know more about the great Geometry Wars 3: Meatregels.

In short, both studios switchblade, Lucid's former MOBA access service available to try for just 2 pounds on Steam and PlayStation 4.

But it's a long term of & # 39; to build the previous version of the studios to view more popular games. "Multiple projects" are currently in work between them – although there is nothing to say about or just. Really to keep chat, maybe.

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