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Premier League title race: How & # 39; Liverpool may have been in 2014 style against Chelsea

Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk (left) shares a light moment with Andrew Robertson, who denies Steven Gerrard's debt

Do Andy Robertson in & # 39; the second half of & # 39; Liverpool's victory at Anfield peat in & # 39; The second half of Chelsea's victory on Sunday succeeded in shortening the spirit of 2014.

Liverpool had to score 2-0 at & # 39; but sending five-year-olds reminded memories of Steven Gerrard & # 39; s in Chelsea's public goal at & # 39; A way to a victory of Reds' title was, from being near.

So if Liverpool finally got back and the danger was changed, it was no surprise that a whole round of the stadium was running around. Jurgen Klopp himself angry at the enrichment line.

Everyone knew the meaning of time. After seeing Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah scores within the space of two minutes to earn a 2-0 lead, the final confirmation was this time, otherwise it would be.

Liverpool fit the test into the nerve of so many fans beforehand. On Friday, Klopp gave the game in 2014, which helped Manchester City title, had no time at all with his team. And he was right.

Due to their tactics, to their staff and to an unwillingness, they are not repelled by foreign forces, Liverpool is releasing the memory of "forever", according to the German language.

"We can finally close the release book," Klopp said. "Robertson's slip and nothing happened, so it's not a Liverpool thing."

In one of the greatest title runs in years it was another sign that Klopp could win his side enough for a great championship in 29 years.

The carnival has disappeared

When former Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard slept, Demba Ba was capitalized to get Chelsea into playoffs near the end of the 2013-14 season

There are many ways in which this Liverpool team is different for the 2014, not at least experience, but the approach of fans and club has also changed.

At the time of the 2014 season, later in the season, Liverpool won again on Thursday afternoon and saw closing in a title.

The fans can feel it and let them show it. For home games, they embarked on the team bus to place the adaptation of Anfield Road to the stadium, earning a life-like atmosphere.

If in the & # 39; yacht this year the Premier League appears just normal. Of course, the club has been earmarked to end their long wait, but with Manchester City two points behind with a game in hand, there are no beneficial parties.

Even at & # 39; one end of & # 39; On Sunday, the Cup plays singing about Liverpool that he is top of the league, not winning.

A calmer, more patient approach

Liverpool fans sold Anfield back on Sunday

Over time in 2014, the quirky atmosphere has proved a misjudgment, whereby Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho, who brought his usual gift of tactical controversy, brought to a meeting.

He described the pre-match party as a "circus" and complained to his team as "sounded". Reds boss Brendan Rodgers said their opponents had two hard parks that day and at the same time his team could not keep it.

Knock & # 39; s page now, like Rodgers & # 39; then, probably the best attack team in & # 39; a premier league, but they are tactically flexible and also know when they're offering their time, but not frustrated when they can't get strange.

Liverpool has a premier league-high 21 goals in a final 15 minutes of & # 39; e matches this season written, but they no longer had to wait as Mane and Salah struck in the space of two minutes shortly after the break.

Not for the first time in this season, Liverpool also responded to winning a City by keeping their nerves to make three points of their own.

Liverpool could be helped by opposing a Maurizio Sarri site that is more on their own style than the opposition's, but, mental, Klopp's opposition looks stronger than its predecessors .

An experience manager in control

Manager Jurgen Klopp has won a trophy at Liverpool since 2015

Critics often say that Klopp still has something to do with Liverpool because of a fierce budget, but the German is here before.

With Borussia Dortmund, he twice turned German giants Bayern Munich to win successful Bundesliga titles,

Klopp said to the game: "What we want to do is collect as many points as possible. That is 85 points, so with 4 games to play that means [we can get] 97.

"We'll try it and if that's enough, perfect, if not, we can't change it, we haven't lost it here or it's lost.

"Only weak people and fools bring it so."

Klopp's side is now a point short of the title winning total city achieved in 2014 with four games remaining.

Or that there is a real happiness when they stay the second, but Klopp has to say that it will advise.

"We expect Manchester City to win all the games, that we just need to be able to do so many points and if we are champions, but great, but if it is not a really good football team."

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