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New York holiday death man Shaun Dobinson & # 39; received no diabetes alert & # 39;

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Shaun Dobinson hit & # 39; e arrival in New York

A man who died in New York was not warned of the consequence of his recent diagnostic diabetes hearing.

Shaun Dobinson, 21, of Washington, Tyne and Wear, had been made fatalized by his conditions when he was in the city in June 2016.

His sister told the Court of Sunderland Coroner that he was not driven by travelers through his doctor.

But his GP doctor Nandu Bhatt said he didn't know Mr Dobinson's plans.

A blood test indicated that Mr Dobinson was dyebetic but no urine test to assess whether he has type 2 from a condition or more acute type 1, which requires more urgent treatment.

On May 13, Mr. Dobinson became a press writer who was normally used to treat type 2 diabetes, listened to, and was referred to a diabetes clinic.

He flew to New York on May 26, but fled to his hotel on June 2 and died in & nbsp; the hospital the following day.

A pathologist told investigator killers to connect with type 1 diabetes.

Mr Dobinson's sister Kirsty, caused him to join him when he asked Bhatt if it was good to go on holiday.

However, Dr. Bhatt knew that and said he had planned the trip he had to plan against his good plan.

She said the doctor was trying to be one of her last memories of her brother, and that she was certain he was telling Bhatt about the trip if he was so surprised and there was no one there that he didn't know " .

The inquiry continues.

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