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Louise Redknapp: & # 39; The fire just goes back into my animal, but it doesn't break my relationship & # 39; | Living and Style

The spent the night in trying Louise Redknapp, I went to see her in her latest West End show, 9 to 5 The Musical. She plays Violet, the character famous by Lili Tomlin in the classic film 1980, and in many ways the most offensive feminist character in the story. Redknapp itself is very pleasant to look at, stubby to the stage, be extensively that men get promotional to laugh at & # 39; e the boss's boss, while not even thanking you for making the coffee. But no longer would this casting be bizarre.

Redknob has been in & # 39; public eyes for a & # 39; a century, but she has never been associated with feminism. After studying the Italia Conti stage school, Louise Nurding, then known as "Conti", was produced at & # 39; an age of 18 in a foreign girl from & # 39; e women's end of & # 39; In the 90's, and then supported her message status by realizing this ultimate 90s ambition – Jamie Redknapp, the son of Harry's manager. Her telegene union – the beautiful pop star and however many sports star – preached the Beckhams, but the Redknapps were a less glamorous proposition. She was born her first child, in 2004 she graduated with a solo music career to live in what she often saw as native language. Redknapp came just as sweet, unhurried and a little lost, and as intended at that time as a Surrey family with her two sons, Charley, now 14 and Beau, 10, living under the pedestrian dynasty. But then, in 2017, Redknapp does something that no one expected: she ran out of her marriage.

I visit Redknapp, 44, in a room in the Savoy hotel in London, just above the theater where it appears in 9 to 5. Also, this tonight will tell, she will buy afternoon at her next album, Heavy Love, her first in 18 years, which will be released in October. What every emotional distinction – finalized in December 2017 – has pointed out to them, has motivated or liberated, has professionalism.

Redknapp with Natalie McQueen and Amber Davies in 9 to 5 De Musical

Reds like Violet Newstead (center) with Natalie McQueen and Amber Davies in 9 to 5 De Musical. Photographer: Simon Turtle

In black black pants, handsome crashers and a nice dark top, her hair long and marked in various shades of gold and shavings, she looks almost the same as how she did in her pop-blood day. She treats me with the easy warmth of one who's very skilled in art to make stranger than her.

"Have you finished the performance? Did you do it? It's nice, right? Okay, I'm so happy. You had it, right?" She said with more nervousness when I expected: she was one, probably , you chose a new story and left.

We talk about the show, and Redknapp brings reverence, how timely his revenge is, from & # 39; e # MeToo movement. She decided she had never been a circulation voucher when she worked as a pop star and appeared in musical magazines: "Maybe if I was so young," she sucks, that's not the most reliable reason. "Or, maybe, to & # 39; t [Eternal] So successful as soon as success, so the record company gave us, "they add, which seems more plausible.

And yet she feels a personal connection with 9 to 5: "You know it's about female empowerment and I think I'm at a stage of my life, if I really need it, to stand and strong," she says.

Although Redknapp makes regular references in conversations with their "girlfriends", she saw her in & # 39; a night for the first time I saw them in women since their eternal days. For the past 20 years, when she was photographed, she was always with her husband. I tell them it was always surprising that she was never part of the group of professional women and girlfriends of other soccer players, as they were made for that role. But she was never photographed with a laugh with Colleen Rooney and Cheryl Cole. "I think Jamie, like that some old school, doesn't want one of them. His sport is what comes first, no circus around it. So I just kept on saying," she says.

When Redknapp confirmed, in September 2017, that she was apparently perfect marriage, the circus could no longer be two of them hysterical. While the British public is widely used for footballers who leave their women, no one was aware of the story that was brought back.

"However, it was more than that but, yes, I moved," she says, saying, if I ask if they started divorce. She was followed every night by paparazzi's trophies and the famous parsonage on her "late nights on city" (to the theater, where she's starting in cabaret).

Louise and Jamie Redknapp in 2010

With Jamie Redknapp in 2010, seven years before they open up. Photographer: Paul Grover / Rex / Shutterstock

At the same time, Wayne Rooney was transferred, again, from the unfaithful, when he found drinking with a young woman who was not his wife. But when Rooney's actions were dealt with with a good-just-Wayne-Wayne watching the audience, Redknapp became nationally based on a midlifelife crisis & # 39; called and abandoned their children. Do you see the difference between the coverage of two stories?

"I did. I felt it. And I really feel, really excited. It made me awake to want. Just because I am back to work and not to work my marriage does not mean that I was not with my children," she says with a storm of fury in her voice. "And, yes, when I was in Cabaret, I didn't give them the night in & # 39; bed, but it's no different than a man in & # 39; city, you & # 39; t speak used to be."

Or Jamie you finally football story? "Yes, on a league of their own. Jamie would then take the kids on holiday and say the papers:" Oh, what a wonderful father. "And he is a great father; I can't say a bad word about Jamie when it comes to a father. But no one has tackled me on the back if I took my children at the Easter Correction for myself over the past 10 years. Jamie had to work playing football, it was school reunion, so I take them on vacation and never once said: "What a wonderful mother." It was real healing and not talking. "

There was a widespread bafflement on Redknapp's decision to make her marriage that there was immeasurable speculation about why. Many, together, tight dances, in which Redknapp's last year appeared, and his record of persecution. "Just put the fire back in my animal, but it doesn't break my relationship. After 20 years of marriage, it takes a little more than that," writes Redknapp.

It was also suggested that Redknapp has an affair with the model Daisy Lowe, which had just appeared on her. Redknapp plays back against the sofa when I call this.

"I really feel that the double standards play in that," she says. To have people in one's hand, should there be a specific reason for letting your husband go? She nods: "Yes, and Daisy and I only four times or one. So the idea [that I left my husband for Lowe] … I think of my children that I said, "Mom, go out with Daisy Lowe?" And I had to say, "Guys, no." I became the dawn of dawn of people, while reading their papers on & # 39; e train and food crosses. I tried to laugh it out, but the damage these stories had to me and the people around it were awesome. "

Red knuckle with her eternal band sizes in 1994

Redknapp – or Louise Nurding as she was then – with her Ewigen band sizes in 1994. Photo: Tony Larkin / Rex / Shutterstock

To understand the end of a marriage, it is necessary to understand at the outset and, for all the fun speculation, the way the Redknobs lead is to divorce. When they married in 1998, she was at least big a star than him, but she asked her music career to be a woman and mother: "It took me so long to be heavy for the first time – four years – that I was just as much in love with my little boy ", she says. "And for the first seven or eight years it was just nice not to have concerns about where your record goes, or if people have you. But if time went on, I would drop the kids to school, after go home, follow the dogs and then go home and think: & # 39; I have five hours to school pickup. & # 39; That's a long day. It was nice then she was young, because I was going to pick them up 12. After that it changed: They are in school and in sports, Jamie did his thing and there was painful panic. I was lonely and I feel I had nothing to say. "

Redknapp and her ex-husband were cautious in & # 39; e separation only positive from each other, but shades of other narratives shine through the rises. She expects him as "family" and her marriage as "traditional", and while growing up in a dense old family, she was the daughter of a "very independent working mom" and, indeed, "perhaps unconsciously", she gives , that probably caused some problems between them. She was not a football player ("No, never," she says, firmly and proudly), so I ask if it's ever a little bit afraid of the Redknops, if it is, that her husband, father and mother, Man & # 39; s Cousin, Frank Lampard, are all soccer clubs. "I think I just have the habit," she says with a winning dick.

Redneck's split on the split is that it had a low self-esteem and did not feel like they were going to work again, and in no way was their ex-husband failed. "I wish I was talking and saying how I felt, but I thought everyone would think I was nudging and saying," Why are you low? You see, you're so lucky. "

But if you told me, Jamie would just be back with you at the stage and in the studio? She stops: "I don't know. But at least I was known," she says.

So was it easier to let than say? Her voice dribbles: "Maybe. We women don't make it easy for us."

At & # 39; a force of relationship relationships I ask when they enter & # 39; being a show, they saw them as a way out of their marriage. "You know, I like to think. I don't like to think about everything. I think I'm just looking strictly for what to do."

These days Jamie still lives in & # 39; the family of & # 39; e Surrey and Redknapp are a few minutes away and they share their children. It is clear that they are entertained by their divorce, so I asked if they were planning to get their mother's name back. She sees package by the suggestion. "Um now. It's a mammoth thing, but the thoughts of the same name as my kids, I could think of. But maybe if Jamie is married, I have to change it … I don't know how & # 39 "It works," she says with a moody nod.

This leads us to ask, and in Jamie's photo with various women, Redknapp is single. "It is really tough for women. I start to think that I never get to know anyone … I don't have a meal, just me and a man in a restaurant, in two years. That makes me sound really, isn't it? "

It takes a while to get a 19-year marriage. "Yes, I think it's easier for people," she says.

With her dance partner Kevin Clifton on Strictly Come Dancing in 2016

With her dance partner Kevin Clifton on Strictly Come Dancing in 2016. Photo: PA / Guy Levy / BBC

It does not matter to them when they look at their old man with other women ("But, yes, it is hard for the boys, I say they: & Dad is one man and he has done nothing, & # 39; "she says). Sometimes, however, it is a little strange. The day before & # 39; we meet, he was photographed with the British model Lazy Bowden, which was extensively described in the press as "Louise Redknapp lookalike". "It's pretty different! And then I start to think of them," when they see me? "But he has his taste," she says with a tear.

I love Redknapp. Yes, they affect the tendency, common to graduate school graduates, of direct intimacy, but there is an emotional honesty to them that is almost certain of the problem of & # 39; last two years. It is impossible not to fret for a woman who has been so defined in relation to others – first a pop group, then a man – to take the risk to fight herself. And while many were surprising when they taught their high prophet, there was a long, independent region depicted in them as their entire-as-average girl-following image depicted. In 1995, she is forever doing her successful debut album to start her solo career.

"I just had enough," she says. "We were very different and had different directions. We were not harmonized. Girl bands are hard."

They mean that they were warriors? "Don't fight, just for, otherwise," she says diplomatically.

She talks about her plans for the following decades: more albums, more musicals, "and, of course, bringing two thoughts".

"But what I would like to do is to buy the rights to a movie and to make a showhow," she says.

Everybody especially? "Thelma and Louise," she replied, smiling.

Louise Redknapp's new single, Stretch, is now out. They appear until 9 June in 9 to 5 De Musical

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