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GMB viewers slam & # 39; uncomfortable & # 39; academic to accept RAF heroes from & # 39; war crash & # 39;

British morning television rights have succeeded academically for its controversial views on Nazi Germany bombing.

Dr Kehinde Andrews betrayed televisions and presenter Piers Morgan at a debate on wounded criminal memorials.

This is due to the white painting about the RAF Bomber Command Memorial in Green Park, the fourth closed in Central London.

The professor's black study at the University of Birmingham stated that Germany's bombing under Wolf Wars II was a "war war".

Brian Wood, formerly a sergeant, was surprised by his orders of the host when he defended defending RAF heroes.

Dr. Andrews argued with Brian Wood in a high-level debate on war monuments

Kehinde Andrews called it RAF Heroes & # 39; Warfare & # 39;

Dr Andrews said: "We are talking about a war war, there is no other way to describe it.

"The best way to think about it is not a statue. Not everything is a statue."

When Brian came back, Brian asked where he had to pick up his children to remember the fallen heroes.

He said: "Do we want to read it from a historical book or a visual help that's a lot?" Then I went down there and it made me rush to tears. "

Dr Andrews stepped in with Piers

Even Susanna Reid lost her men with Dr. Andrews to & # 39; he said we killed the 500,000 people in Germany.

Fergie asked: "Why do you see everything we are proud of as sticks for our country?"

Dr Andrews replied: "You cannot justify terrorism by saying we are winning a war. A terrorist in the future will lead a bomb that will & # 39; if I come back, if you just did it."

The discussion got a lot of hard work between the academy and Piers when they used the language.

Piers said: "A warrior daughter is Adolph Hitler and the Nazis."

GMB viewers did not agree with his audience

Famous good morning letters users had to Twitter to blow the academy.

A angry viewer said: "What an absolute snowflake, how is he really serious?" How do you get a war? "If a cool and a hand shake, and the line" the coming time is a terrible attack, I tell your civilians The victim is expected "a little direction sounds to me!" Moron! "

Another added: "The man destroys my big eyes digging, like fighters of the fighters who defend England against Nazis (this too as a judgment for black people and Jews to kill) deserves the ZERO airtime, so I'm not up to you. "

A third said: "The man on attacks of war monuments is consciousness provocative for naming." Looked ahead to him, just getting himself into points alone, and making the sacrifice for his rights.

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