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Evaluate School Puzzle as adult asylum seekers in Home Office probe & # 39;


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Old School: The homeowner's includes a pupil or treated (Pic: EAST ANGLIA NEWS / SWNS)

The unknown student, who visited Stoke High School in Ipswich, Suffolk, was investigated by the Home Office, after his classmates had taken him as a 30-year-old man.

An investigation was launched when "tired parents" were driven to pull their children out of school after they were the pupil, believed to be out of # 39; The Middle Ages come to the conclusion that he is a promoter who is much older.

A Snapchat image that is widespread share in social media, shows that the man has a school uniform in a year 11 maths class next to the title: "How is a 30-year-old man in our math class?"

Children in the school put photos of # 39; A man with a large beard, a hair bust and a beer breather are placed on a Facebook page that thinks to hear him.

Some parents confront their children from school about fruits that they are in danger in & nbsp; The presence of a man posing as a boy poses, calling it a "great security break".

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FURY: Everyone has the responsibility to remove their children from school (Pic: SWNS)

The student, who was removed from the school, is now treated as a adult asylum seeker and could report deportment.

Sources of citizens have the 6ft1in student who spoke English spoken, was assessed that they were older than 18 years in a study ordered by the Home Office.

Star Online Star contact the Home Office to comment on reports that the student is being questioned as an adult asylum seeker.

A spokeswoman refused to let details about the man, including his age, background and action taken when he was admitted to adult adult.

Housing can not comment on individual cases, but "assessments continue," said the spokesperson.

"The teacher told me he had children"

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In a statement, the Home Office states: "We are committed to ensuring that children are guaranteed and to find out the circumstances in this case to understand how it was treated.

"Oldly-founded cases remain a challenging workplace where there are no evaluation techniques, or combination of techniques, probably a person of age with prestige. In the absence of clear and reliable documentary behavior, the Personal Buro staff on physical appearance and endangerment to destroy an early evaluation on whether a person is expected to have a child under 18.

"If an individual is assessed that they are under 18, but follow up obedience about their age has risen – for example through a school – we will act to re-enter the matter."

The conclusion was reached in a "compliant evaluation" by an unidentified local authority.

It is not intended that medical tests were conducted to help make his age.

Housing is currently investigating how the man of # 15 believes to believe in.

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PROBE: The housing examined a student at Stoke High School in Ipswich (Pic: SWNS)

It was determined that he was the brother of a year 7 pupil at school that proved he was 12-year-old and appeared his age.

The students were dropped when they saw that the clean-up student had the shadow of a beard in his face.

The pupil was examined, all of whom had a message to a 15-year-old girl who died in order to keep the staff worried about his age.

His texts were not considered "sinter" and were not a sexual nature, the girl was called.

A teacher told them to get people at different ages when they saw a student with a beard. The girl did not receive text messages anymore after her complaints.

The student was previously dismissed earlier this month at # 39; The day he was trying to play GCSE math game exam and since he was not seen since six. The younger student he proved to be his brother was at the same time removed from school.

The Ormiston Academies Trust confirms in the hours that the students were "not occupied with 'school and that the Home Office was asked to investigate the case.

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FEARS: Everyone has worried about their children (Pic: GETTY)

The school did not make a new statement and Suffolk County Council also did not respond to requests for commentary.

The stepfather of a girl in the same grade as the pupil said he had gone to school to complain before the man was farewell and contacted Suffolk Police to make a complaint that a group of men in & # 39; The class is posed as a student.

He said, "They have appealed to me and advised me to go back to school and ask what action they had to take." I came to speak to this teacher who told her that the picture of Boy was in case of bad identity.

"The teacher really threatened all parents who were leaked on the weapon can get legal action, to claim the pupil was a criminal offense.

"I declare that I'm ashamed when the pupil was a genuine 15-year-old, but that parents have a responsibility to protect children in their care, such as the school.

"The teacher told me that he had children and all the paperwork and was looking for this person and was passing through the Home Office. I was really happy and tried to handle myself."

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LOCATION: Stoke High School is located in Ipswich, Suffolk (Pic: GOOGLE MAPS)

A specialty specialty of # 39; The General Assembly confirms that asylum seekers under 18, are believed and treated as children by the Home Office, unless they meet one of three criteria.

They are only considered adolescents when there is a "clear and reliable documentary evidence" that they are, a approved local authority rule attains the conclusion or as two immigration officers regulate their "physical appearance or maintain very strong" old ".

In the case of immigration officers that make the board, at least one of the main chiefs or boss of leadership must be.

The specialty of Office Office has added: "If there is a question about talking about an individual to be a child, the individual becomes a department of social services municipal reorganization assessed for a careful, adequate retirement age and they are treated as children until a decision about their age is made.

"If an individual is assessed to be more than 18, we will be responsible for adult education as an adult. If the application is not completed, and rights are postponed, the action is handled as appropriate.

"At the absence of documentary dentures, the office side of the home can only treat a client only as an adult, as their physical appearance and enforcement very strongly say that they learn a lot about 18 years – and where & # 39; t two officers even this conclusion are independent.

"The threshold is set up high enough that only those who have been 18 or adults are clearly evaluated."

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