Friday , April 23 2021

EasyJet costs £ 15m cost on Gatwick dronewaad

EasyJet has mentioned the chaos in Gatwick, caused by the Queen's costumes for £ 15m, and describes it as "wake-up call" for UK airports.

The aviation has cost of living for £ 10m for 82,000 could be confirmed by 400 disappearances.

It added that the cost of providing the service and sales sales found the first fourth income at £ 5m.

Nearly 1000 total flights were spread over 19 and 20 December at & # 39; a start of & # 39; a festive spot.

Police blow the conclusion of the airport on "many specimens" of illegal drone activity in and around the perimeter.

Passengers are waiting in the South Terminal building at Gatwick Airport
Gatwick fled to 36 hours in & # 39; e droning viewers

Their research continues to be released after a few arrests in the early stage of the study without training.

EasyJet has influenced its business in a trade ticket that remained very positive, "keeping the company that said books", though Brexit's uncertainty.

It reports revenue in three months to 31 December of nearly £ 1.3bn – a rise of 13.7% in the same period in 2017.

Passenger noise was 15% at 21.6 million, despite capacities being hit by the drone problem.

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Airplanes invest millions in anti-drone kit

Chief Executive Johan Lundgren said that the company "helps us to help our customers through the attack".

But he later gave up: "We were disappointed that it took a long time to limit.

"You can't always protect them, but it's an alarm call, and flying gets better prepared."

The chaos that promotes other airports, including Heathrow, to control their defense against drones, though there have been a number of further crowds.

Brexit remains another major risk to the aviation industry.

Those with a special exposure for EU travel, such as easyJet and Ryanair, are scams to protect them from any interruptions in the case of a "no-deal" scenario that overshadows the current public arrangement.

EasyJet said on Tuesday that it is "good for Harlingen, now 130 agencies registered in Austria and has made good progress to ensure it has a spare ball in the EU 27 and in extraordinarily powerful licenses, both completed by March 29, ".

It added: "Despite the consumption and economic uncertainty that has emerged from Brexit, the demand remains firmly on the height of fixed and removing books for the period after March 29."

EasyJet shares opened almost 1% army when trading began on the London Stock Exchange.

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