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Earning See 20: Best Way to Kill Yet?

The draft screen. Personally, I don't think it's a big deal, but it's clear that many people hate it. In 2018, every manufacturer has released a smartphone with a pike display, but now we see all types available to get it out.

We see sliders, pop-up cameras and even dual displays, but there is another way to kill them without changing the way your phone is. One way to do this is with a punch-hole display as the Honor View 20. The device makes its global debit very fast and makes it likely the best way to make the self-camera connection. Here are my first impressions of the upcoming flagship smartphone.

In contrast to other smartphones that have been seen so far, the Honor View 20 has a hole in & # 39; e display that & # 39; t on & # 39; A top left stand for her 25MP selfie camera. There are display pixels to work with & quot; point-praise & quot; which gives an impression that the camera is part of & # 39; an image is.

If you use the device in portrait mode, the first thing you see is that the top notification icons are now just moved to the right. At 4.5mm in diameter, the camera is a space that is a bit larger than an icon.

If you are in & # 39; landscape mode, the display offers an immersive view of application for playing videos in an expanded full screen. To & # 39; t the camera at & # 39; the left & # 39; the bottom is, the camera is less recessive, but there is still a noticeable knee at the bottom of & # 39; a phone. The display of view 20 is 6.4 "in size and it uses an IPS panel that prints a Full HD + resolution of 2310 × 1080 pixels. To have a display with a hole, this is a lot of feat, and It is noteworthy that Honor was the first to do it on a flagship smartphone instead of Huawei.

Unlike the previous view 10, which has a distinctive metallunibody exterior, Honor has returned the Visible 20 to a flashy glass that comes with a V-shape effect. The reflective elements are more in a blue variant. With its curved glass and smooth metal hit, construction is expected to be on HTC U11. It just feels like & # 39; the hands are fast and happy. a view of 10 is seen, which is not good for things and crates.

In addition to the screen, the View 20 also contains a high resolution 48MP camera that uses the Sony's IMX586 sensor. By default, it is set to 12MP from the box, but you can set this option to 48MP under its resolution settings. The sensor itself can also combine four combined pixels to create a larger 1.6-micro pixel size. This is comparable to the 40MP shooter Mate 20 Pro which helps to increase brightness while sound levels are low.

There is also another 48MP AI Ultra-Clarity mode that has multiple 48MP shots and combines them for more clarity. It takes a few seconds for a shot to complete and I think it works as Huawei's Night Mode.

From our experience, the high resolution 48MP images look pretty decent but it is not in par with the Mate 20 Pro. Although both devices are being propagated with the same NPU, we have determined that its AI algorithm is different from Huawei. In addition, the Honor View 20 can at the same time request a lot of scenes, for example green, blue sky and buildings at the same time. This multi-year recognition has already been entered in Honor 10's last year.

It is also amazing to note that Honor focuses on the AI ​​mode, while Huawei has disabled it by default. If you haven't seen it yet, you can check our camera samples here, but think that this is a priority before the software is updated with the Ultra-Clarity mode device.

The display 20 also comes with a 3D ToF (time of flight) camera that delivers a Microsoft Kinect-like application. The camera can better identify objects and your environment, allowing you to play motion speeds or make your body smoother in a video again.

This aspect of the phone feels gimmicky for now and it all depends on the number of applications you can really use the ToF camera. To do this you work an existing dock which is connected to the large screen seller, while the back of the phone is for you. In essence, it's about being your pocket-sized Microsoft Xbox Kinect.

As a phone, the viewer looks at most of them. It has the latest Kirin 980 processor and there will be two specific variants: a base 6GB RAM + 128GB storage model and a higher configuration of 8GB RAM + 256GB.

Setting up the device is a huge 4,000mAh battery and it also supports 22.5W SuperCharge via USB-C. Based on our experience with Huawei Mate 20 Pro, the viewer 20 can use a full day for most users through its efficient Kirin 980 processor and software procession.

Eare Also included a few extras including dual-frequency (L1 + L5) GPS, a triple WiFi antenna setup and Link Turbo mode (4G + WiFi downloads). According to the special sheet, the display 20 runs on Magic UI 2.0 based on Android 9.0 Pie, but it is the same experience as Huawei's EMUI.

In & # 39; last, the Honor View 20 offers a look of what is accurate the future would look like this. Huawei has also released a similar product to the Nova 4, but it runs on an older processor, while having a triple-camera setting. In the meantime, Samsung has already announced the Galaxy A8 that it has an Infinity-O display and this trend will continue for the upcoming Galaxy S10 series.

We expect to be able to describe more details, especially the Malaysian prizes this evening. Last year, the Honor View 10 award came to RM2,099 and we expect the newer model to be awarded a higher price by its established specs. It is worth praising that the price for the Huawei Mate 20 has recently been rented to RM2,399, which makes it a dictator for the new device of Honor.

The Honor View 20 will be coming on Saturday in Malaysia and they have a Roadshow in 1 Utama. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.

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