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Digger Driver, who was given the Travelodge over missile companies

A digger made it on January 21, when he was destroyed by the entrance to a new Travelodge hotel, it was reported.

The manager, named as & # 39; John & # 39;, might not have paid 600 euros of pay, and decided to make it on the new Travelodge building on Edge Lane in Liverpool.

However, today, January 22, however, workers have shown that the manager is actually paid, but he might have just checked his bank account.

Police are called to ask the sender, who is currently fleeing the center, but later found in the Merseyside area.

Footnotes from & # 39; employees to & # 39; the digger & # 39; the hotel entrance, which was split yesterday, let the sender & # 39; call if you paid me my f * cking £ 600.

The workers at the buildings today show that a bank meant glitch that meant their pay – which they meant on friday – paid on Monday what the manager of the poet did not realize.

Talk to The sun, one of the workers said:

The money went on Friday to leave his bank in his bank. But there was a kind of glitch and it didn't go on until Monday.

He checks his bank checks and has not realized that he was actually paid. That's why he went mental and expanded the place.

Another said:

I am told that the boy was not getting his money. But it was just in his bank account and he checks his account at Monday.

Here you can see the public of this event:

Monday weapon just the tile that this fucker tells

Posted by Bryan Mappin on Monday 21 January 2019

Just after the event, Samuel White's 24-year-old ceiling said:

We had the last tile in, cleaned and made everything perfect. Do an idiot in a mini digger to ride through the center of the building.

There were many workers in the neighborhood of only gobbling, corners & # 39; a floor asked what was running. The site director was all around as a cup dog, he was not happy at all.

A spokesperson for Tritonbouwing, the company that works on the hotel, said:

It is our understanding that one of our workers who worked for MF Construction waited for his boss to cope with his paycheck that he told other workers to & # 39; a page were.

It may be that the worker could not succeed MF Construction owner and he was constantly frustrated. At about 3.00 hours, the worker took it upon himself to drive a small minibavat through the hotel entrance screen and then caused damage to distances in the reception.

The worker then went out of the center and after our knowledge is followed by the police bureau. Fortunately, there is no structural damage, so that repairs can be relatively quickly investigated.

However, since the injury to the hotel, the Merseyside Police have confirmed that the man, believed to be the manager of a mini dredger, is being interviewed as part of the investigation.

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