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Charles Charles Birthday: The husband of Camilla Parker Bowles is KING.


The Prince of Wales will celebrate his 70th birthday on Wednesday.

He will place wreaths on Senotap on Sunday instead of the 92 – year – old queen as an example of an increasing business of royal duties.

The record of Prince Charles will eventually make a big difference in 2021 (when he becomes 72 according to the Crown Prince).

Sources previously told Daily Star Online that her Maj will "regent" when she turns 95.

This legalization was used only once before, but I knew that Charles had made the Prince Regent.

And this week on April 21, 2021, major preparations are already in progress ahead of a massive acquisition.

The Queen and Prince Charles

Prince: Whatever happens, Prince of Wales will take power in 2021 (Picture: GETTY)

"Prince Charles will be Prince Regent, but His Majesty is still a Queen"

Royal Sauce

In a BBC documentary Thursday night, Charles said exclusively about becoming a monarch.

He spoke to the public at a show about their ignorance of climate change and declared, "I will not be an intervening monarch."

"When my mother succeeded and became a queen, my grandfather died at the age of 57. I became an heir of my four year old."

His son, Prince Harry, was "Charles at 70: Prince, Son and Heir" (Charles's only job was to sit quietly waiting.

While Charles will play a new role, the queen will remain the head of state and will follow her promise to stay on the throne until she dies.

Prince Charles of Regalia

Prepare, get ready … the preparation says that Charlie is going to be everyone but the king (Picture: GETTY)

Prince Charles

Prosecution: Prince Charles was a successor to the throne for 66 years. (Picture: GETTY)

Royal sources previously told Daily Star Online: "The change will begin and will follow a little more, but more.

"Your Majesty will never resign, and she will be giving you the last breath.

"But when Regency actions and meetings were held recently, your Majesty will come through Congress at the age of 95 (Regency Act 1937).

"Prince Charles will be Prince Regent and His Majesty is still a queen, but her workload will soon be adjusted with a limited contract."

Since our origins, Charles has already strengthened his contract and made more investments on behalf of the Queen.

Charles kisses in the hands of the Queen

History: Charles is the oldest heir in nearly 300 years. (Picture: GETTY)

Prince Charles and Camilla

RULERS-TO-BE: One day, Charles and Camilla will become the King and Queen's concubines. (Picture: GETTY)

Prince Charles and Queen when young

HEIR FROM YOUNG: Charles said he was waiting for the throne since he was four years old. (Picture: GETTY)

Last year, he had 546 more members than any other member of the Royal Family.

Earlier this year, government leaders from around the world appointed Charles as the chief of Charles of the Commonwealth when the queen dies in the footsteps of her throne.

Last month, the Royal Electricians sparked speculation that the Prince of Wales had become a regent in a new book entitled "Charles at 70, Hope and Dream".

Robert Jobson, in his book, says, "People close to the monarch make a monumental decision when they are 95 and will officially allow Charles to perform his stewardship of his reign.

"She says she will officially transfer all administrative powers to Prince Regent until she dies until she becomes king.

"This will cause her to spread the problem of not fulfilling her coronation to serve as a sanctuary of God and Queen until her death."

Earlier rumors that Prince Regent became Prince Charles made clear that "high-level" officials are underway for "preparations for transition", as Royal Commentators asserted last year.

In accordance with the Regency Act 1937 of 1937, the palace staff replaced the sovereign's name and name on behalf of the sovereign in the "act of seeing the monarch give up power when the sovereign is disabled through illness"

The last time England saw Regency was from 1811 until 1820, when George III could not perform his duties because of his psychosis.

So his son, future King George IV, gained the strength of his father under the Regency Act.

Despite the rumors, Prince Charles will become king in three years, and some palace officials claim that there is no such plan in the Daily Star Online.

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