Thursday , June 17 2021

CervicalCheck patience Orla Church died

Tragic news.

One of the women who have been given a false negative for a pain test tasks according to the CervicalCheck program has died.

According to RTÉ, Orla Church died on Sunday at the Mater hospital in Dublin.

In a statement, the group stated: "We just learned with great grief from the death of Orla Church, a member of the 221 + CervicalCheck Patient Support Group.

"We offer deepest sympathy for their entire family and friends in this very difficult and hardest time. Many of us got to know and know Orla in the past few months and they were just such a wonderful, strong and inspiring person.

"They blamed us in all of us who were endorsed by the CervicalCheck distribution and we are and will continue to be so difficult for them for this exceptional work.

"All in the 221+ CervicalCheck Patient Support Group will think about Orla's family in the coming days and will be available to help them in any way we can."

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