Monday , November 29 2021

Authors boycott UAE book festival about Matthew Hedges jailing | Books


Several English writers are re-invitations to visit a United Arab Emirates's literary association to a British academic business that has been visited this week for the lives of historians Anthony Beevor and BBC journalist Frank Gardner, removing them withdrawn.

The big problems on the safety of British academics and writers were risen to Durham University PhD student Matthew Hedges was recorded with spy and assassinated. He was in UAE to investigate his dissertation on civilian-military relations in # 39; the region of the Arab spring, and has been held in one single entry for the last five months.

The Emirates Airlines festival of literature, also known as the DubaiLitFest, is the largest literary festival in the Arab world and is held everywhere. The event is sponsored by the state-run line and is established by a non-profit body by UAE-Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum.

British writers in this year's festival include novels Ian Rankin, Sabine Durrant and Jasper Fforde, historian Beevor and Peter Frankopan, and children's books Kate Pankhurst and Lissa Evans. The Guardian has all been contacted for comment.

Before that, the party has visited the festival twice, has made his decision known to perform the festival in 'Times(£) on Thursday and said he was in contact with the Society of Autors and the Royal Society of Literature (RSL) to coordinate a massa.

He told the Guardian that he had first worried about the event organizers Isobel Abulhoul when it was released in October. "I sent her yesterday morning when I heard the news and said," It's fun for you and the festival, but we'll have to do something. We can not allow this to do without anything to do. "Beevor, called Hedges' prison sentence" one of the # 39; the most guilty attacks on academic freedom that we have come in modern day. "

"I think it's terrible, I do not know why they have reacted so remarkably inimaginative way … They know perfectly well that Megafhone diplomat is completely counterproductive in the Arab world, but It's a matter of time if you have to do something. You can not let them go, "he said.

Earn up to other writers to pull out. "I do not think the authors are going to go anymore, otherwise they do not have to go into the situation in the UAE, I would also try to visit the public not to go to Dubai for a holiday , to think I think [that would] Pretend that it is a very repressive regime. All their emphasis on modern and openness are fully contingent on this particular action. "

BBC's safety correspondent Gardner, who appeared on the festival to talk about his journalist career and his latest novel, confirmed he would not even try, while Frankopan said he was wounded by Hedge's prison .

"I'm angry and condemn any attacks on academic freedoms," he said. "I follow this whole and wait to see what happens in the coming days before making a decision."

As a response to Beevor's call, the Association for Authors that the festival will discuss at a meeting on Thursday, while RSL director Molly Rosenberg said the festival falls outside the UK. "As a non-political organization, the RSL does not normally call on its men to protest or certain political action. Our community has as 600 writers, which have to have individual answers to Anton Beevor & # 39; Call: Although it is certainly a problem of personal conscience, the RSL can not take a lead in this call for boycott or collectivity. "

The festival is before criticism, with the Think Twice campaign requested writers to invite people to take on the basis of human rights and the inactive on the climate change of # 39; the state line.

"As hard as the Matthe case is, the writers must be invited to take part in the festival must be aware that since 2011 the UAB government arrests, endorsed and innocent UAE scholars, journalists and rights of law of human rights on the right .. Rights of UAE citizens should not be less cost than that of a British citizen, "said Jonathan Emmett, campaign advocate of human rights Ahmed Mansoor.

Antonia Byatt, director of free speeches by writers PEN, said: "It must be individual writers to decide how to respond in these situations. We think literary festivals can play an important role in sharing ideas, values ​​and concepts through cultures. What is important is that writers speak to protect human rights and freedom of expression where they are under attack. "

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