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Aerial photos of Miley Cyrus burned at home


The aerial view shows Miley Cyrus' burned assumption in Malibu (Figure: Clint Brewer / BACKGRID)

Only the burned skin of the Malibu home of Miley Cyrus remains on the California hill.

Liam Hemsworth, a 25-year-old fiance and fiance, pulled out of the building at the time of the Woolsey fires on weekends, but aerial photography now shows the ruins that threatened them.

On Tuesday, Miley 's heartbreaking husband got on tweet. He said that everything that remains in the remains after a day of helping the disaster is "love".

Liam wrapped the black letter of the 3D letter and wrote: "It was heartbreaking for a couple of days, this was left in my house.

& # 39; Malibu and many people around California have lost their homes and my heart goes to everyone affected by the fire. & # 39;

He urged fans to donate to the Malibu Foundation. The Malibu Foundation has already donated $ 500,000 to help rebuild the community.

All that is left of Miley and Liam 's house is' Love'. The actor said. (Photo: Taylor Hill / FilmMagic)
Miley and Liam's house (pictured in front of the fire) was an ornate building destroyed by Woolsey fire (Photographer: SplashNews.com).

Liam added: "I spent a day in Malibu yesterday, and it is amazing to attract communities to help each other in any way they can.

& # 39; Malibu is a strong community and this event will make it stronger & # 39;

The actor concluded: "I would like to thank all the great local residents who helped put out a smaller fire around my property, I love you, I love you, Malibu.

& # 39; Thanks to all hero firefighters in California. It will be a journey to rebuild. Keep everything strong. & # 39;

Miley has not yet commented on the upheaval, but said she was utterly devastated by hot flashes over her neighbors on Twitter this weekend.

Kim Basinger's Malibu house (picture) was also burned (Picture: Clint Brewer / BACKGRID)

"I am one of the lucky ones," she declared. & # 39; My animals and the love of my life made it safe, and that is all that matters now.

& # 39; My house no longer exists, but I have a strong memory to share with my family and friends. I thank everything I left. & # 39;

The couple are not the only stars who have lost their homes in a violent fire since Thursday.

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Robin Thicke and April Love Geary's house burned shortly after leaving the property on the weekend.

Meanwhile, stars including Cher, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Iggy Rhododendron and Kim Kardashian have all had to evacuate their homes.

In the front porch photos, Kim Basinger's house was burned to the ground by Woolsey's fire.

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