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Action sought to prevent climate change | News


To help 40 people create a carnival atmosphere on a Machynlleth rally on Saturday at a height of cities that travel to a national day of Rebelion in London.

The rally to the city squad was to support members of the # 39; to broadcast the broadcasting of Rebelion Machynlleth on & # 39; the event in London.

Katy Fowler, a member of the Machynlleth group, stated that they decided to take action to do more action on climate change.

She said, "No of us here, or lead you to London to want to change a nuisance or battle.

"But we are dealing with Extinction Rebellion UK which offers the warning of top scientists and scientists around the world, it is time to perform free civilian independence.

"We only have 12 years to make drastic and permanent changes to our activities or species, or we will earth at about 1.5 degrees and get the chance to keep a future for our children and grandchildren.

"People feel that they have already visited the normal channels and the change is not fast enough."

The Machynlleth group has come up with a variety of ideas to support the national movement, including the last rally, and also a temporary family to the Hollywood & # 39; of Machynlleth sign at Penrallt read broadcast Rebinion.

Katy added: "We have many people in the area who are experts in sustainable agriculture, forestry, ecology, geology, climate science and fitness technology. The solutions are already here.

"We just need the political will, and Extinction Rebellion argues that comes from citizens.

"There are performances for rapid change – such as Dig for Victory and the Indian Independence Movement.

"Wales has a widespread history of dissonance and resistance – and a strong relationship with the country. The Welsh Assembly is further progressive than Westminster and we should continue by example."

The Machynlleth group contains every Monday from 6pm to 7pm on the top of the White Lion.

See this week the Machynlleth machining work, in stores and online now

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