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& # 39; psychic healers & # 39; those doctors' minds can hear arthritis altogether

Interests are drawn up about a TV psychic medium that & # 39; t respected & # 39; psychiatrists & # 39; can remove pain from conditions such as arthritis.

Jeanette Wilson, a former bank director, travels the United Nations, where they have the need to wear eyewear, while also distributing anti-facial spreads.

Ms Wilson, originally from the United Kingdom, but based in New Zealand, told a recent public in Chester that she was "solely" from & # 39; a camera about & # 39; & # 39; the best thing for knee replacement & # 39; talk, so & # 39; trading standards aren't getting all storage & # 39 ;.

Her running trip consists of dates at the Doarp Hotel in Birkenhead, Wirral, where guests can pay 20 euros for a two hour "psychic surgery" demonstration.

In one part of the show, Ms Wilson speaks to a woman complaining that she has arthritis and tells the public: "I have done this for 25 years, I have not yet found a person, that all arthritis cannot be completely removed.

Jeanette Wilson, 56, traveling in & # 39; s & # 39; British & # 39; psychic surgery & # 39;

"I've seen all kinds, I've seen people with really bad fingers, who looked up, you & # 39; go to normal."

In another sector, it asks the public to view a Youtube video where they say they deliver more women with the degenerative nerve condition.

During the Chester show, Ms Wilson tells the public that a dead surgeon's "Augusto de Almeida" works by them "to act on people.

In one segment she speaks to a woman with chronic pain in her knees due to an old injury.

She says, "So everything that happens to the brain, it's not hard for the brain. I'm turning white, so every strength of the patient, the recipient of the brain, doesn't contaminate my energy fields."

Jeanette Wilson, 56, traveling in & # 39; s & # 39; British & # 39; psychic surgery & # 39;

"So, that the guide doesn't work with me – I have a team of guides that & # 39; t work for me, those who & # 39; re moving my hands, are those you sometimes words are coming from words, learn to lead. "

The 56-year-old medium and writer also promotes products, such as purple rice powder, a supplement that its makers pay health, available at £ 85 per wish of its website.

In one part of her Chester show she suggests offering "purple powder" for older people to "keep her weak" and say to one public: "We need you to have the purple powder, okay?" "

Wilson's criticism of Wilson's share was shared by the well-known scholar The Good Thinking Society, who insists on scientific skepticism, and ensures that some of her guests will receive secondary medical treatment.

Michael Marshall, Project Director in & # 39; s Society, said to & # 39; eCHO: "We make sure that Ms. Wilson is able to stimulate his stage sick and vulnerable people, so that they can do a so-called healing over them, without good evidence that these salvations are effective.

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"These patients can be persuaded to believe that the solution to their health problems is not in their doctor's or a qualified medical professional's advice, but in Wilson's healing powers and the expensive products you require." 39; they sell it.

"Note that there has never been any good evidence that anyone can connect to the so-called spirit world, requesting patients to" "seek their health for anyone who's moving away from psychic energy to treat or injure any disease from & # 39; has earned their money, and potential itself has increased conditions. "

Mr Marshall has more concerns about a browsing issue on his performance that has been linked to anti-faxing websites, suggesting that New Zealand's vacancies are linked to Alzheimer's disease and is called 5G technology a "weapon".

He said: "We are also very concerned that Ms. Wilson's failure and potentially dangerous inclinations have made the safety and efficiency of faxes convince people not to prevent their children.

"At a time when we have a response to vaccine-ready illnesses, dissemination of misconception may potentially jeopardize the health of children."

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Mr Marshall told ECHO that he had named Ms Wilson's activities after Trading Trading.

Ms Wilson, who was called on a television rule in New Zealand, "Dare to Believe", told ECHO her criticism "Miss-message" and # 39; had failed her activities and made "false complaints" against her.

She also said: "The reference to the appointment of a camera over a penne product was a great thing for me to light no trading standards of people over a product I used and used that I didn't sell.

"I am well aware of UK trading standards and work within them."

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