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You will see something interesting in the upcoming tournament –

Ukrainian midfielder Ruslan Malinovsky said it is important for national players to quickly absorb new information from coaching staff.

Ruslan Malinowski, Photo: FFU

Ruslan Malinowski, Photo: FFU
November 13, 2018 23:42

Ukrainian midfielder Ruslan Malinovsky has pointed out that tactical innovation should be done in the national team game.

"A small theory shows Andrei Nikolayevich a new moment, and in the next game you will see something interesting," Malinovsky said.

"We have to adapt now and carefully absorb information like sponges. Nowadays we have a lot of information and I think we should understand and deliver everything in the course as soon as possible.

The Ukrainian team will play their next match on Thursday (Thursday) in a league match against Slovakia.

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